Welcome to the Committee Iona Hancock

Name: Iona Hancock

Position: Secretary

HC: hi Iona! How are you? Let’s jump right in and get started!! Why did you join HCAU?

Iona: Hi! At the end of first year, our current Vice- Social Mauragh introduced me to the society because she was really excited about joining after the summer. We went to the first writers meeting and that was it! I really liked how relaxed the meetings were, and I felt really comfortable speaking up and saying my opinions; which is a big reason I ended up staying.

HC: How is your university experience going? What do you enjoy most and dislike the most?

Iona: I am really enjoying university, especially nowadays. I would say I have disliked learning about who my true friends are, and how to cut people out that do nothing positive for your life. Ironically, however, I have really enjoyed the process of finding people who I actually have things in common with and who actually are a positive influence!

HC: What made you want to run for secretary (props for the video you did) and what are you most looking forward to doing this role?

Iona: Thank you! that video took far to long. I think I wanted to run because I had loads of ideas on how to make HC the best it could be, and figured secretary would suit my intense ability to organise, and re-organise everything in a heartbeat.

HC: What have you found is the best part of being a member of HCAU? And what would you like to see more of this year in the society?

Iona: The best part of the society is definitely the people; everyone is truly lovely, and creates such an intensely welcoming environment. As much as I love a HCAU night out, I do love cosy nights in, so I would love to see more chilled out socials that won’t give me a three-day hangover.

HC: we hope you’ve had a great summer did you go anywhere or do anything nice?

Iona: I was working mostly, but I did travel to volunteer at Glastonbury festival (did I mention I went to Glasto???) and had such an amazing time! I am desperate to go back every year now that I have been once.

HC: as we’re starting back at uni in a couple of weeks, do you have any advice for anyone coming to Aberdeen university or anyone that is already here?

Iona: While I don’t think I give amazing advice; I would say focus on yourself. I feel like when people start or come back, to Uni there is this underlying pressure to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYTHING and be friends with EVERYONE but that just isn’t realistic. Put yourself out there, push your boundaries but trust your instincts about people and places, and focus on what you want to do with your time. It is so worth it in the long run, trust me.

Quick-fire questions

Night out or night in?

Night in

Favourite movie?

All the Harry Potters (so much nostalgia!)

Favourite book?

Mythos by Stephen King

Lastly favourite night out you’ve had in Aberdeen?

Carwash Tuesdays at UG, OBVIOUSLY