Welcome to The Committee Emily Sullivan

Name: Emily Sullivan

Year: 3

Studying: Anthropology


Hey Emily!


Hey hey!


What is it you’re looking forward to the most about returning to university?

Living with my pals and being within walking distance of all my favourite coffee shops again, oh and I’m sure classes will be pretty interesting too.


Did you do anything interesting during the summer?

My summer was pretty hectic: I was first in Gibraltar, then I went surfing in Portugal for 2 weeks, then I was in Belfast for a week and in between the two I’ve been dotting back and forth from Aberdeen to my home, near Aviemore.


How are you feeling about this year at university?

Excited and nervous, 3rd year is a big deal, but I think I’m ready for it!


How did you hear about Her Campus?

At the Freshers Fayre in my 1st year. It was the 1st society I joined and I’ve loved it ever since it was definitely one of the best decisions I made.


From your own experience, what’s the best thing about Her Campus?

The huge support network it brings with it, the girls are lovely and easy going and super fun to be around. Her Campus helped me relax when I was so nervous about being at university without any of my friends from school. Also, I love writing so I love that I’m able to go to writers’ meetings with the girls.


Is there anything that you think you can personally bring to Her Campus?

Hmmm, all my friends will tell you I’m pretty extra when it comes to organising events: go big or go home, so I’m hoping to bring a little creative flare to the Her Campus socials.


Where do you go to get down time away from uni?

Any super cosy coffee shop with a book on my own. When reality gets a little much, I love to get lost in fiction.


What’s one experience that has stuck with you throughout university?

After a couple drinks at our block of flats Christmas dinner in 1st year, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to steal the turkey and proceed to act like James Bond crossing the car park with it. My stop, drop and roll ended up more of a stop, flop, and fall!


Are you excited to be part of the Her Campus committee?

You have no idea! I’m mainly hoping to get lots of new freshers and give them a chance to feel comfortable out of high school and in university with a strong group of girls around them.


Tell me one interesting thing you do out-with university?

I’ve worked at a florist since I was 13 years old and I still go back occasionally to help out during the holidays, I love doing flower arrangements and wedding flowers, and I’m debating getting a qualification in floristry on the side of my degree, we’ll have to see.


Thank you Emily!


All photos are Emily’s own.