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Two Idiots Try: Sainsbury’s

Seeing as the supermarket is the only place you can go in lockdown, we decided to do a little review of our favourite food shops each time we went on our essential weekly shop. First up in this completely necessary and important series, we have *drum roll* SAINSBURY’S. 


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Starting with the branding, there is nothing as delicious as the orange and burgundy colour scheme Sainsbury’s have got going on. It is incredible, one of the best, and that comic sans-esque font? Sublime. 


We would argue that TU, the Sainsbury’s clothing brand, is one of the best supermarket clothing selections going. They have such nice pieces at affordable prices, and they go up to a UK size 26, which makes it one of the most size inclusive ranges in supermarkets right now (from memory anyway). They also always have a sales rack where you can get pieces that have been reduced massively - we always check it out on our rounds.


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The homeware is also iconic. Not only do they have their own ranges, they house the slightly upmarket Habitat which has some gorgeous pieces. Iona fell in love with this bee-inspired range she walked past on the hunt for oat milk. We also cannot forget that many Sainsbury’s now have ARGOS in them which is just amazing in itself really. 


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Now let's talk about the food. The prices here are more expensive than, say, your ASDA or Tesco, but we like to live life as though we are the GC, AND WE’VE GOT MONEYYY. So we spend it. Plus, the deals and multibuy moments are always pretty good and you can find a cheap option if you look hard enough. It also fuels our little vegetarian souls that they always have loads of plant-based options to choose from in both the fridges and freezers. One gripe we do have with the orange dreamboat is that in some stores there is no dedicated section for reduced items, so you have to really go hunting to find those yellow stickers, which is a bit of a pain. 


Despite this, the clothing and home sections are so outstanding that the rest of the shop gets a pass, and ARGOS people! ARGOS. 


Is the burgundy and orange paradise idiot approved? Absolutely. 

Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen
Lucy Clarkson

Aberdeen '21

Poltitics & Sociology student
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