Two Idiots Try... Laundry

What is a clothes dryer's favourite brand of chocolate? Lindt.


Pods or Liquid?

The age old question; to use liquid detergent or the little pod thingies with the liquid inside? For us, despite the use of plastic in the pods, they are much easier to use and often the same price as the stuff in the bottle. Also, if you are living in older student accommodation or private housing the washing machine can be outdated. So sometimes pouring liquid straight into the machine that does not have a separate compartment can ruin items of clothing that come into direct contact. Honestly, as long as you are washing your clothes and not leaving them to fester in the corner of your room, you are doing alright (but Iona still says pods are best).

Side-note: Lucy understands this argument but she uses special non-allergy liquid because she gets eczema, agrees pods would be easier though.

Bio or Non-Bio?

Another incredibly important question but the answer is simple; if you have sensitive skin then use a non-bio detergent, we don’t have time for rashes!


Fabric Softener

We used to live by fabric softener until Iona once ruined her favourite bright yellow top by pouring way too much directly on the fabric. So let this be a warning to you! It may smell lovely but if used in the wrong way your emotions will be left destroyed as well as your clothing.


All the Extras

Listen up, as long as you have a stain remover for when you inevitably drop food down yourself like an actual toddler you will be fine. Forget the colour catchers and fragrance beads of the world and just stick to the basics. Much less hassle and a lot more affordable.

Lindsay Thompson-Miami Laundry Posing Vintage Pensive Lindsay Thompson / Her Campus


This one is pretty simple; washing your clothes at 40 degrees is standard, but if you want to wash more delicate clothes or be kinder to the environment then you need to wash at 30 degrees. That’s if you can work out how to to lower the temperature on your machine.


Idiot approved: 30-degree washes