The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project

It all started in 2003, with Bob Carey using his pastime as a means of self-expression. Six months later, his wife Linda was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and ‘The Tutu Project’ became their savior. It became a way of laughing at themselves by doing something extraordinary. 

The Tutu Project is as simple as the title suggests- it involves Bob wearing his (soon to be) iconic pink tutu and posing in front of beautiful landscapes from across the world. These have included the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Bob uses these photos to tell others of the struggles he and his wife faced, and how the only way they overcame the bad times was by laughing at themselves and sharing a laugh with others. Their message has spread all over America and is incredibly popular with Bloomingdales who have recently teamed up with the couple to send the photos worldwide. 

Carey’s book, ‘Ballerina’ featuring all of his tutu photos, can be purchased at Bloomingdales stores and also online and they give all of the proceeds straight back to Bob, his family and to the Tutu Project. His book, as well as raising money for families hurt by cancer also provides sufferers with humour and motivation. Bob in himself symbolises motivation for people everywhere with quotes such as ‘smile and know that life is a story and a journey’ and ‘real men wear pink.’ 


In paternship with the ‘HOPE for young adults with Cancer’ charity the Tutu Project take part in a sponsored walk which raises funds for both charities and celebrates the achievements they’ve made in battling against the disease. It consists of a one mile walk around a park with nibbles afterwards and a tutu competition as well as getting to meet the main man, Bob Carey for a book signing. This month The Tutu Project’s fundraising reaches a whole new level with the event, ‘Unity in Pink’ in which you get to meet the men in pink on a mission and walk around the Halloween Parade in New York. 



Bob takes part in these events to raise funds for the charity he set up with his wife Linda, called ‘The Carey Foundation.’  Their main aims are to provide financial support for women diagnosed with Breast Cancer and also to ensure their families are given support throughout their loved ones’ journeys. They offer assistance for cancer-related costs such as transporting patients to treatment, medical supplies and childcare. With Breast Cancer Awareness Month just behind us, Bob’s message has spread across the world and he has started photographing American male models wearing tutus. Back in Aberdeen, we had a bake sale to raise awareness around campus, in which our proceeds will go to a local Breast Cancer charity.