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Turtlenecks are happening all over the fashion world and have even made their way to the streets of Aberdeen. They are something our parents’ generation wore back in the day and probably did not ever foresee making a come back but they couldn’t be more in right now. Turtlenecks made an appearance in autumn ’14 and stuck around throughout winter and even rolling on into spring ‘15. They come in all different shapes, styles, and knits and are available from any high street to high-end fashion shop around Aberdeen.

One of the many good things about turtleneck is just how versatile they are. For those of you out there who feel as though you forgo looking stylish in the winter for all those layers you have to pack on then look no further – turtleneck will sort you out!

Turtlenecks are available in thicker, chunkier knits with high, cosy necks and can be worn as the outer most layer of a winter look:

Thinner turtlenecks are available in pretty much every clothing shop right now are certainly a staple to any girl’s closet. They are form fitting, tight to the neck and they provide a cosy, thermal layer to any outfit. They can be worn on their own or paired simply with a round neck tee or jumper or even dungarees if you are feeling adventurous. Turtlenecks finish off any look while keeping you warm – there is so much to love about them!

Last but certainly not least turtleneck can easily transition into the perfect night time look. The thinner styles, especially like this beautiful striped one pictured below, can complete an outfit paired with high waisted jeans, shorts or skirts and a bold lip.

So if you are struggling to find that perfect, versatile, staple item to add to your closet then make sure this season you shell out for your very own turtleneck! Get it?! We do!


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