Trends That Look Better in Photos Than IRL

Trends That Look Better in Photos Than IRL


I don’t know about you, but I consider myself a fan of fashion. It may not show in my wardrobe (firstly because of money, or lack thereof, and secondly because when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, comfort somehow always wins over fashion), but just check my Pinterest boards for proof! I love trends, but let’s be real: some of them look – and feel - better in theory than in practice.

So here’s my top 3 trends that I’ll forever be pinning, but rarely wear. What would you add to the list?

  1. Cutout ankle boots

They are edgy, they are fun – I love a pair of boots with cutouts as everyone else. On Instagram. Because in reality they seem highly impractical and raise a lot of questions: should I wear socks underneath? Or should I wear them barefoot? Doesn’t the design defeat the very purpose of boots - that is to keep my feet warm? Too hot in the summer but too cold in the Aberdonian winter, as far as I’m concerned I’ll admire these shoes from afar.


  1. Ankle grazer jeans

Cropped jeans are awesome: you can wear them relaxed with a pair of sneakers or dress them up with heels. They are a great way to show some extra skin on a warm day, and a trendy, frayed one with raw edges can really spice up your outfit. However, if you are a taller girl you’ll understand my struggle: almost every „regular” jeans fit me as if they were cropped, so as ankle grazers became trendy and took over every store it’s harder and harder to find nice jeans that I can wear without looking like someone that borrowed the clothes of a kindergartener.


  1. Off-shoulder tops

If you don’t have at least one frilled, off-shoulder top where have you been in the past year?! I love them, I even own them, but still – I rarely ever wear them. There’s a relatively simple explanation for that: they are effing uncomfortable. Especially that I don’t like going braless, but am unable to find a decent strapless bra, anytime I decide to go out wearing something off-shoulder I’ll find myself either pulling my bra upward or my top downward 100% of the time. As I mentioned earlier, I’m the type of girl that will shamelessly choose comfort over having to adjust your clothing every other second to look good (by the way, you won’t see me in minidresses either, for this very reason), so I preserve my off-shoulder tops for mirror selfies and outfit photos - but other than that, they have a safe spot at the back of my wardrobe!



All photos are from Pinterest.