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Those Passive Aggressive Flatmates

Her Campus Article – Aisling Kavanagh – Those Passive Aggressive Flatmates


We have all at one point or another lived with those flatmates that honestly make you feel you are living with a sergeant. One minute its fresher’s week and everyone is thinking about how lucky they are to have such fun, alcoholic flatmates and the next month, you begin to notice labels on food in the fridge, your milk thrown out as it was taken up too much space and someone banging on the door of the bathroom. I mean, what is happening? I thought this was going to be a fun, chillaxed uni experience? Why is my flatmate getting all nitty gritty?


So what are those common passive aggressive messages you can receive?


  1. No heating

In Aberdeen we all know how cold it gets. You had an agreement in the house that the heating could go on for one hour in the evening. You put on the heating and then suddenly your flatmate starts timing how long it’s being on, what time you put it on, and before you know it, as soon as you put it on, they turn it off. I mean, this scenario is definitely most likely not going to happen: 

Do you put it on when she’s out of the house, or will they notice, and before you know it, you receive a message saying ‘you own x% extra of the bill as you put on the heating when I wasn’t in’.

  1. Cutlery

You have a busy week and it’s just one evening you decide to leave the dishes till the morning. ‘Nah ah’ in your house. Without even getting to enjoy your evening there are messages coming in stating: ‘could you clean the dishes please’. 

Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/97/79/d5/9779d5e237123422c1676…


  1. Food labels

Food labels are the worst as it makes you want to use their stuff when really, you wouldn’t under normal circumstances. But then it so happens that one day you don’t have milk and you need to use a teeny drop of theirs’. But what if they notice that its gone below the mark on the bottle? Do you rub it off and make a new mark? Or go without that milk?


These are just some of those passive aggressive conditions we can all live under at one point or another in University. They are so uncomfortable and frustrating but we all get through them!