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In 2016, YouTube sensation Hannah Witton launched ‘The Hormone Diaries’ series. In the first episode Hannah explains that she’d decided to stop taking her hormonal contraceptive as she hadn’t had a period in seven years and wished to start experiencing a natural cycle again. However, little did she know that this series would become so popular it would snowball into a career as a sex educator! 

The Hormone Diaries series is now thirty-six episodes long and tackles everything from contraception and smear tests to fertility and disability. Hannah covers it all in a down to earth and easy to understand manner that makes you feel as though you are a close friend rather than a viewer. Some of these episodes document Hannah’s personal journey/experiences, but others give more general information on the topics and include input from guests and experts alike.  

This series opened my mind to a whole new world of opportunities – sex didn’t have to be a taboo subject, nor did I have to feel awkward or uncomfortable about wanted to know more about how our bodies work and the hormones that drive these processes. In fact, Hannah, and the series she created, is the reason I am so passionate about sex education. And I’m not the only one she has inspired! 

The series became so successful it even gave rise to a book, again entitled The Hormone Diaries, that covers some of the same topics but includes more anecdotal information and stories from Hannah. The tone of the book is Hannah’s personal blend of funny, charming, and informational – she really is like the big sister you wish you had growing up to pass down knowledge and wisdom! 

More recently, Hannah has also created a Hormone Diaries Facebook group in which like-minded people can post questions or information on anything and everything hormone related. The community is incredibly welcoming, and people are more than happy to help provide support or help based on their own personal experience. This group has helped so many people feel less alone on their journeys, whether it be about finding the right contraception or trying to get pregnant.  

Hannah saved my life, time, and energy. The community she built is beautiful and kind and I’m incredibly glad I found them. If any of this has interested you, please go check out both the YouTube series and the Facebook group, you won’t regret it! 

Finally, thank you Hannah for everything you have done. For being yourself, honest and raw, and letting us come on your journey.  

Kate Moran

Aberdeen '22

Kate Moran | They/Them Psychology Student
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