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Spending Valentines Day Single

Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Another year, another Valentine’s day spent alone. Which I’m totally okay with. Just because you find yourself single on Valentine’s day doesn’t mean it has to be a day spent reminding you that you’re single.

Now I’m not saying I’ll always love being on my own for Valentine’s day but right now, in my twenty’s, I enjoy it. It gives me freedom to do what I want and who doesn’t love of bit of self -indulgence? I have to admit that I find it much easier celebrating Valentines now compared to when I was in high school and I had to sit through an assembly (that felt like it would never end), while a teacher read out the names of the people receiving gifts or roses. Though I never received one of the gifts in assembly, I would always buy myself a rose. Okay, some people would make fun of me but there’s nothing wrong with being your own Valentine, sometimes it’s more fun.

We all deserve to indulge a little bit and if Valentine’s is a day about love then celebrating your love for yourself seems more than acceptable.  Now here comes the best part: planning your own Valentine’s day for one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or it can be if you feel like pulling out all the stops. For instance, last year I got myself a bottle of wine, GQ magazine because the lovely David Beckham was on the cover and a box of maltesers because they are perfect for every occasion. A couple years before that I treated myself to a bouquet of flowers. The limit is your own imagination and the main thing is that you enjoy yourself, feel spoilt and forget about the whole idea that Valentine’s Day is spent supposed to be spent with two. Spending it with yourself is pretty damn awesome too.

Another spectacular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is celebrating the love you have for all the girlfriends in your life: Galentine’s day. The origins lie in the iconic show Parks and Recreations (I urge you if you haven’t watched this show yet then mark a date in your calendar where you can binge watch the 7 seasons). Galentine’s day occurs annually on the 13th February, the day before Valentine’s and is all about ladies celebrating ladies.

Now you may be stuck for some ideas on how to celebrate the special ladies in your life while stuck on a student budget. Well, I’m here to humbly offer you some ideas on how to spread the love:

  1. Organise a feast to be held in one of your flats. Then everyone could bring their own meal to make up the different parts of the dinner.
  2. Exchange some Galentine’s day gifts.
  3. Organise a party with your ladies because who doesn’t love a party?

Whatever you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day I hope it is as wonderful as you.  

Pictures:https://www.instagram.com/p/BByKeREKDASJ-6iBsdBxT2O-cWGRIq_qc5Cefg0/?taken-by=itsrebeccab00&hl=en,https://www.instagram.com/p/BQLShcdgoTiEkRCvxZIPeTgdi8kwJmSN2Py5Aw0/?taken-by=itsrebeccab00&hl=en & http://cdn.quotesgram.com/img/89/76/408127009-leslie-knope-galentines-day.jpg

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