Should We Vote - HECK YEAH!

So, should we vote? The simple answer is HECK YES WE SHOULD.

Things are getting pretty serious over here in the United Kingdom with the General Election fast approaching (May 7th 2015). Voting is an essential democratic right that each and every one of us is entitled to (and let us not forget those women who fought long and hard to give us this right), so I find it important to take the time to point out the following information to all of you out there!

Statistically, the youngest sector of society (18-25) is the least likely to vote, whilst the oldest (65+) are the most likely to vote. Let’s pause. Which of these groups are subsequently going to have to live and deal with the result of political decisions the longest? The young. And as the group most likely to go out and vote, who will the government gear policy towards to keep them on their side? The old. The more that young people vote; the more parties will make decisions that are in our interests.

Herein lies the problem. We (the young) are simply not going out to cast our political right, a right that many before us have fought and died for us to enjoy and a right that is still not enjoyed in many countries around the world. If we get out there it can give governments more legitimacy to life changing decisions.

In the last General Election back in May 2010 there was a turnout of only 65% of the electorate eligible to vote. In 2001 the turnout was as low as 59% with some local elections down to 36% - electing councils that have the power to hugely affect our lives. Politicians are failing us and failing to engage us in politics, use this opportunity to show them the important role young people can take in British politics.

Women – a favourite topic for Her Campus. Women in particular are at risk of being most disengaged from politics. Looking at the demographic make-ups of the House of Commons, it is no wonder why this is the case and no matter how many all-women shortlists, arbitrary gender-balanced cabinets or Harriet Harman pink buses is going to change that. Simply, because it doesn’t solve the initial issue – a lack of engagement with politics.

So my advice to you is, read up on current affairs, what the parties are offering, earlier this month it was National Voter Registration Day - register to vote in your area and empower yourself with the ability to make an informed political decision. Even if you don’t agree with any of the parties on offer, turn up to the ballot box and leave your vote blank because that sends more of a message to parties than not turning up at all. Most importantly, make young voices count.

You can register to vote here: