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Riverdale VS Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.



In 2017, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa turned

the Archie Comics into a show named Riverdale that excited everyone. The first season seemed to stand up to the hype of the public, but after three seasons, it no longer seems like it does. In 2018, Roberto came up with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – also based on the Archie Comics world (it also had an adaptation in the 90s but I love this one a lot more). After two seasons – the third and fourth coming soon – Sabrina seems to be his predilection.

Now we will compare both shows so you can judge for yourselves which one you like better.https://www.insider.com/riverdale-who-is-gargoyle-king-season-three-2018-10

Riverdale does not have fantasy, though at some points it seems like it does, but this is explained later on. Apart from the storyline itself being confusing, it has so many plots that it is impossible to follow.

Sabrina revolves around fantasy elements, given the fact that she is a witch. In her world,  there are werewolves and other fantastic creatures and, let’s face it, the dark tone of the show is cool.


In Riverdale, the four main characters are really good friends from high school, but the characters are not well done and, quite frankly, not realistic.

In CAOS, the main character is Sabrina – a half-witch/half-mortal trying to decide her future. There is also her three best friends; the people she meets at the witch academy – and her two aunts who have raised her (Zelda is the best btw).


In the first episode of Riverdale, it seems as if Archie and Betty will end up together but, in the end, Archie dates Veronica, and Betty dates Jughead. Those relationships at some point seemed cute, but now they seem, let’s just say…. Weird.


In the first season of Sabrina, she is dating Harvey, her high school sweetheart that does not seem to understand her fully. In the second season you will just have to watch and find out (this is a non-spoiler zone people).


This part is just to say WHAT happened in season three of Riverdale? At one point it seemed to be getting better, but an organ-stealing cult? REALLY?????? And after all of this you may be asking yourself if I still watch the show, and the answer is – of course. So watch it and tell me if you agree with me.

maria Gonzalez

Aberdeen '21

Spanish Erasmus student studying English Literature at the University of Aberdeen.