The Right Way To Celebrate Your Birthday

The Week-Long Birthday Celebration


One of our members, Rachael, just celebrated her 21st in a way that we can all only be envious of. Here is the laydown of how it all happened!


Celebrating a birthday is always a big deal, but this year it was my 21st and I wanted it to be the most memorable time of my life. My birthday fell on Wednesday 27th September however, and I couldn’t dream of waiting that long to celebrate! So on the Monday leading up, I began my celebrations.

It all started with a semi-memorable night out. I never thought it would hit me that 21 really was the year of growing up, thinking for yourself, and making adult-like decisions. So, in order to forget about this daunting prospect, I did what I knew best: found the most sparkly dress and headed out for drinks and a dance with my friends.

One beautiful hangover later, I began the drive home to Glasgow to start the celebrations with my family. I spent my birthday in the best way, having a mother-daughter day. Hair cut, styled, and smelling gorgeous, mum took me out for a birthday lunch before heading home to see the rest of the family and cook up a delicious meal.

Unfortunately, the beauty of my birthday was suddenly halted by developing what one likes to describe as the disease of hell – the common cold. I was not going to let this ruin my birthday week, so after spending Thursday in bed I was ready to pick myself back up and continue!

Saturday arrived, and this was where the real birthday celebrations were to begin. At 12pm I met my best girlfriends at Hutchesons’ Brasserie in Glasgow to devour a bubbly brunch with prosecco, croissants, and eggs benedict. What more could I want?

I couldn’t recommend Hutchesons’ highly enough for a birthday celebration. Not only was the service impeccable but to finish off the morning we were delivered a beautiful plate of salted caramel torte to wish us a Happy Birthday!

Instagram-worthy Eggs and Avo on toast.


Following the boozy brunch, we headed to Bar Soba for a girls’ dream come true – 1.5L Pornstar Martini. I was in heaven…. Or maybe it was just the bubbles talking.


After the most amazing girls’ day out, it was time to head home to finish the celebrations off with my family. My mum, as always, put on a beautiful M&S spread with stuffed vine leaf parcels, spicy Italian sausage parcels, and Moroccan lamb tagine. Following this delicious feed, she surprised me with a beautiful personalised birthday cake.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday if I had tried! I am so grateful for the effort my friends and family went to so I could have the most glamourous and princess-like birthday I had only ever dreamed of.


All picture's Rachael's own