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‘Representing the Student Body’

Representing the Student Body

The last couple weeks of term saw the beginning of the campus take over with makeshift flyers and posters in order to broadcast the annual AUSA election candidates. Campus was dominated by excitable students promoting their chosen candidate’s campaign promises, armed with slogans, stickers, at one-point canines. 

Getting to the library uninterrupted bared an uncanny resemblance to the playground game British Bull Dogs. However all in the name of student welfare we would all listen, nodding and smiling and make several contracting promises to vote for whomever we were told to. 

Speaking of Student welfare, the successful Genna Clarke – now President for Welfare and Equal Opportunities has utilised the success of new-age political campaigning by having 75 of her friends bare all on their Facebook profile pictures. Hiding their modesty only with her tongue-in-cheek slogan, “representing the student body”. Evidently and unsurprisingly the witty campaign and widely shared media advertising attracted a lot of attention and ensured her victory. Proving the power of Social Networking… and nudity.  Genna spoke enthusiastically about her win, “I’m really really excited for the year ahead, we have a fantastic team. We have a lot of great ideas, including bringing back the ‘student body’ campaign for body confidence week along with other projects so watch this space!” 

The results of the Aberdeen University Students’ Association elections have been announced:

19 candidates ran for 12 positions.

2196 students cast their votes.

15,000 votes were counted overall.

And so, the successful candidates who will represent the University’s Student Body are as follows:

Student President – Emily Beever

President for Welfare and Equal Ops – Genna Clarke

President for Sport – Marc McCorkell

President for Charities and Communities – Jenny Waters

President for Education and Employability – Rob Henthorn

President for Environment and Ethics – Dominic O’Hagan

President for Societies and Student Activities – Veronika Hofmann

Vice President for Charities – Alex Currie

Vice President for Education – Liam Fuller

Vice President for Environment and Ethics – Eva Nohe

Vice President for Equal Opportunities – Rory MacFarlane

Vice President for Societies – Ernest Hodo



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