A Reminder of Your Reproductive Rights

A Reminder of Your Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are Human rights.

Countries with less restrictive laws generally have lower abortion rates than countries with highly restrictive abortion laws. - WHO, Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems (2012), p. 17.


  • A reminder that as a human being you have complete and full autonomy over your own body.
  • A reminder that your fundamental human right to privacy feeds into sexual and reproductive rights; no-one has the right to ‘out’ your reproductive choices.
  • A reminder that you have the right to be educated on, and use, forms of birth control.
  • A reminder you have the right to freedom from coerced sterilisation and contraception, including female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • A reminder that the right to an abortion is categorised as a Human Right by the United Nations.
  • A reminder that states and governing bodies have the responsibility of respecting and protecting women who choose to terminate a pregnancy. You have the right to good quality, impartial reproductive health care.
  • A reminder that religious views of individuals should have no effect on large scale legislating of reproductive rights.
  • A reminder that you can choose not to terminate a pregnancy, and still support those that choose to terminate.  

There are many campaigns across the globe that are fighting for the reproductive rights of all women. Internationally, Amnesty has championed the My Body My Rights campaign that aims to make women aware that their reproductive rights are a basic human right.

Locally, Pro-Choice Aberdeen is championing the fight for reproductive rights on campus and beyond.


Listed below are various charities and groups that offer balanced, impartial advice on pregnancy, abortion and reproductive rights.












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