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Reflections On Being In 4th Year

Four years of university sounds like a long time, but as my final year has now begun, I cannot believe how quickly the past three years have gone. And, it has only started to hit home now that this is the last year of being a student, which means one final year of enjoying the ‘perks’ of student life. A year from now, when I (hopefully) have a full time proper adult 9 till 5 job, it won’t be acceptable to pass a packet of Supper Noodles off as a legitimate dinner meal. But for the next few months, that will still continue to be the norm.

After this year, I will have to join the older Saturday night-out crowd. It will no longer be acceptable to enjoy a Wednesday Skite, getting drunk off £1.50 VK’s and then stumbling into lectures the next day still semi-drunk; that’s if I actually make it in. I’ve never had a ‘proper’ job, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to turn up drunk there.

Soon, I will appreciate what a luxury it is to be able to simply take the day, lying in bed and watching episode after episode on Netflix. Forget about the amount of reading, seminar preparation or essays needing done, there is always the option every morning after I wake up to put it all off for at least another day. Unfortunately, this will not be an option as soon as I enter into the ‘real world.’

And I’ve saved the worst for last. No more student discount! It’s almost time to say goodbye to those 10% off deals and that free chicken mayo in McDonalds. Soon, I will have to face paying full price in Topshop and splurge even more than I already have to when I want to go to the cinema- the horror!

Despite how fast university has gone by, the amount of amazing people I’ve met and memories I’ve gained along the way make it worthwhile, so much so that losing these little perks of being a student doesn’t seem that big a deal in the end. 

Third year student studying History and International Relations.
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