The Pros and Cons of Growing Up


I had my first age crisis when I turned 16, and it has just kept on repeating every year since. The responsibility, important decisions and life changes, the stress - it can be tough growing up. But luckily, even I have started to see some perks of getting older, and below is a list of all the ups and downs there are to growing up.


  • Spending all summer working. Gone are the days when all our holidays were spent outdoors exploring.
  • You need to feed yourself AND get the groceries. I like cooking, but when I have to do it, it’s just not fun.
  • People expect you to wear ‘adult clothes’. Uni students still get a pass when picking up milk in pyjama pants, right?
  • You get weird looks if you order chips and chicken nuggets from the kids menu in a proper restaurant.
  • Not having time to see your friends when your days off don’t match. It was nice knowing you!
  • Booking your own appointments. Can’t my mom call the dentist this one last time?
  • If you don’t remember to water your plants, they will die.
  • There might be times when you are the adult in the room people go to for help.
  • Paying bills and taxes.


+ Cake for breakfast. Yolo.

+ You can just book a holiday whenever and go wherever you want.

+ That feeling when you finish cleaning your room/flat and everything is all nice and shiny. Throw in a scented candle and count me in!

+ No need to ask your mom 3-4 business days in advance if you can have a sleepover – just show up at a friend’s flat or a flatmate’s room and the fun can begin!

+ No one can stop you from buying just one more plant or scented candle.

+ You crave those pot noodles at 3am? No worries, just go put the kettle on.

+ Getting to try all the exciting foods your family member(s) refuse to eat.

+ You get to decide when to get up and go to sleep. No curfews, yay!

+ Getting home steaming and eating your snacks just wearing pants on the living room floor with no judgement.

+ Going back home and spending time with your family feels just a tad bit more special♥

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