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Profile: Carrie and Biggles!

Biggles showing off his selfie skills 


This week, Her Campus caught up with the lovely Carrie Mackintosh and her lovely companion Biggles for a chinwag to find out a bit more about them, as well as what makes the owner/dog relationship so special! 


HC: So first things first, Biggles, how long have you lived with Carrie for?

Biggles: Carrie has had me for almost 7 years in April! I was born on January 11th 2009. 


HC: Fellow January baby, represent. Carrie, what’s been your favourite memory with Biggles? And Biggles, what has been your favourite memory with Carrie?

Carrie: Difficult one! My favourite memory with Biggles is probably the first time he swam in the sea. 

Biggles: My favourite memory with Carrie is when she gave me a dentastick 5 minutes ago! Food is always on my mind.


HC: Haha, I’m sure a lot of our readers feel the same! So Carrie, you study psychology, what’s been your favourite part of uni so far?

Carrie: Meeting a lot of great people that I’ve wouldn’t have met otherwise! 


HC: And Biggles, if you were at uni, what would you study?

Biggles I would have studied English because I get frustrated at times when people don’t understand dog speak. 


HC: Hehe, that must be frustrating indeed! And what have you two got planned for summer?

Biggles: Carrie will be in university over summer as a research assistant at the psychology building! While she’s away from the house, I will be outside enjoying the sunshine with my shades on, or if the weather is bad I will be playing inside with my 3 cat friends! We have no holidays planned as of yet.



Biggles having a nap with his cat buddy Louis 


HC: That sounds like a great summer to me! Lastly, time for a quick fire round; 


Favourite food

Carrie: Currently Cadbury’s mini eggs!

Biggles: Every. Single. Thing. 


Favourite film?

Carrie: Love Actually 

Biggles: 101 Dalmatians 


Favourite colour?

Carrie: Blue 

Biggles: Red


Favourite Disney princess?

Carrie: Belle 

Biggles: Lady from Lady and the Tramp; she should be a Princess! 


Big thanks to Carrie and Biggles for taking the time to talk to us! 


Nap time!

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