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A Peek Into The Life Of Prince George

A Peek Into The Life Of Prince George


Prince George started school just a few weeks ago and the entire nation couldn’t contain their excitement. The four-year-old Prince is attending Thomas’s Battersea preparatory school in London. The school is described by the Good Schools Guide as: “A big, busy, slightly chaotic school for cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the best English education money can buy”. Only the best for the nation’s future King.


The principal of Thomas’s London Day School said, ‘there would be no special treatment for the royal’. Perhaps this is the reason why gossip from the mums on the playground is that little Prince George is already sick of school.


As if starting school wasn’t enough excitement for the little Prince, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a third child. The news was announced at the start of September by the Kensington Palace.  The new royal baby, expected in spring of 2018, will be a sibling to Prince George and his younger sister Princess Charlotte.


Sadly, Kate Middleton had to miss George’s first day of school due to severe morning sickness. She suffered from this through her first two pregnancies and was no doubt reluctant to miss the pivotal moment of George starting his education.


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