Noughties Bangers That Are Still Bangers

Some songs just don't deserve to be forgotten

#1 “All The Things She Said” – t.A.T.u.


How could anyone write a list of noughties bangers and not place “All The Things She Said” at the top? I am absolutely certain that this song and music video contributed towards many a lesbian awakening. A one-hit wonder? Perhaps. Still, it’s always the perfect song to listen to when you dramatically stare out the bus window as the rain pours.

#2 “Untouched” – The Veronicas


The violins… the synths… the magical combination of the two… I didn’t know I needed it but I’m now pretty certain that we all do. Also, the final bridge part where the synths practically drill into your earholes??? More of that, please!

#3 “What You Waiting For?” – Gwen Stefani


I’m confused as to why we aren’t blessed with songs like this anymore. The beginning is so calm and melodic before the song practically explodes into the masterpiece I’ve now decided that it is. A party banger, a getting-ready-in-the-morning banger, a getting-ready-to-go-to-bed banger, an all-round banger!

#4 “Losing Grip” – Avril Lavigne


Avril Lavigne’s music is nostalgia at its finest - it really is. The first album I ever bought came from Woolworths (lol, remember them?) in the shape of Let Go, Avril’s debut. This is the first song on the album, and while it wasn’t exactly a hit in the noughties, it’s still a banger. Give it a listen – it makes a change from the usual “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated”.

#5 ‘Britney’ – Busted


Busted are a noughties staple – there’s no denying it. And what more fitting tune is there to put on this list than a song by a noughties staple… about another noughties staple. ‘Britney’ is not only a banger but an ode to Britney Spears. What more could you ask for? While it hurts to listen to Charlie Simpson serenading another woman, the song is too catchy to boycott.

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn


Technically, this is not a noughties banger as it was released in 2010, but it slaps so hard that it deserves an honourable mention. You maybe didn’t appreciate this song at the time – I know I didn’t – but please, if it’s the last thing you do, get on Spotify and do your ears a favour. The Calum Scott (lol? who is he?) version really does not match up and I’m eternally bitter that it’s the top result on Google so if that’s the only version you’ve heard, sort your life out.