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My Year Abroad; Now Back to Reality

My Year Abroad, Now Back to Reality


From a year of wine, to laptops and books.



The first few weeks back from my year abroad (yeah that’s right, I went on a year abroad to Spain AND France; sue me), have been a blur between the familiar and the nouveau. Starbucks, 85p for a vodka mix in Paramount and £1.50 for a VK… Really?! Most of the time it was like I’d never left, which was comforting but also gave me a teeny bit of cabin fever. 

Where do I go on the weekends now? That’s right, no more trips to Barcelona or Les Deux Alpes. Instead, it’s off to play hockey against middle-aged women in Ellon. Undoubtedly, this past year has been the most incredible experience. By moving to two different countries, I’ve learned how to actually be an adult AND also that there’s no better thing than a café con leche and a pincho de tortilla after an 8am lecture.   

(8am. Yeah, you better believe it!)

Point being, I couldn’t live in this European fiesta forever. Yeah it was hard, speaking in mainly French and Spanish all day is tough on the brain. Yeah I complained, because closing your French bank account by writing is totally normal… And yeah deep down I did miss Aberdeen, who doesn’t love an Institute Wednesday? But, I’m counting down the days until I’ve graduated and then I can spend the rest of my days bumming about in Madrid or Paris, eating pastries and sipping on a glass of wine… or 3.

Alas, I guess for now a tropical VK and a grub is going to have to suffice…


Student at Aberdeen University studying French and Spanish, anything pink and sparkly and I'm sold.
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