Meet The Team: Our Secretary and Treasurer

Laura Rennie & Emily Lovett: Secretary and Treasurer


We had the privilege this week of catching up with our beautiful secretary and treasurer and they told us all about their dreams and how Her Campus has helped them this year…

HC: What is your first childhood memory?

Laura: Oh Lordy. If you know me well you will know that I have the memory of a goldfish, unless it is for teeny tiny insignificant things! I swear I only remember my childhood from photos!

Emily: When my sister was born my parent’s gave me an Esmeralda Barbie doll, telling me Sarah got it for me. BAFFLED that there was a shop in my mum’s tummy.


HC: What is your 5 year plan? (or lack of)

Laura: I love a good plan me. Well in five years time I will, fingers crossed, have just finished my first year as a newly qualified solicitor! I also hope to have a cute wee flat in Edinburgh, which I will enjoy smothering with candles and fairy lights because I’m not stereotypical at all! And yeah, just start working up the career ladder. It’s a long road ahead. Also Emily and I want to open our little pinterest worthy cafe one day in the future but we might need more than five years to get round to that...

Emily: I ask myself the same question everyday… I am currently applying to do the PGDE in Primary teaching… so that, maybe, possibly? I also want to travel, start a business, become a multi-millionaire and own my own house… easy peasy….


HC:  What are your goals, and how is HC fit into them?

Laura: One of my goals is to keep busy and the other to keep myself, and those around me, happy. So HC fits into both of those goals! I definitely keep myself busy these days with uni, work, societies and the HC girls make me happy! It doesn’t hurt to put it on the CV either!

Emily: I think my goals just now are to get through this Nutrition degree, but overall just to be successful and happy! But I would love to morph into Lena Dunham – to live her life and be that funny would be incredible. Her Campus has taught me so much though, how to work with people, how to write and how to work with money. Life skills that are fabulous for when I enter the real world.


HC: What motivates you to succeed in your goals?

Laura: I’ve always been brought up to plan for the future and to push myself to fulfil my potential so doing the best I can has always been a good motivation. Making my family proud is always a good feeling too and seeing all the little things come together when something goes right is a great motivation. Gah, this is becoming emotional isn’t it!

Emily: My motivations are definitely my parents, seeing how happy they are and just chilling in life after working hard and putting up with a daughter like me! I would love to have a life like theirs in 30 years.


HC: If you could be any Disney princess which one would you be & why

Laura: I think I may be the only girl in the world who doesn’t want to be a Disney princess... I apologise in advance! I’ve never been a big fan of Disney movies and just had to Google the Disney Princesses!  Probably shouldn’t have admitted that should I? I think I’d have to go for Aurora though. Purely for the playing in the forest with the animals and fairies parts, I think that would have delighted an 8 year old me!

Emily: I would love to be Cinderella – having a fairy godmother to make me whatever I want and Prince Charming to retrieve my shoes after a messy night       out? Yes please.


HC: If you could give your pre-Uni self any advice what would it be?

Laura: Everything will fall into place. Before uni I had lost my confidence a little and was so unsure of the future. I literally worried about everything (and still do!). I’d just reassure my pre-uni self that everything will work out in the end and to look at the bigger picture. And stick in in first year! Learnt that lesson the hard way!

Emily: Throwing your phone at a wall is never a good idea…


HC: What else occupies your busy schedules alongside Her Campus?

Laura: Eeeek, fourth year has been extremely busy! When I’m not spending my time with all things pink and glittery I also work at a solicitors and volunteer for the Aberdeen Law Project giving free legal advice to the people of Aberdeen. I also have just started a blog and try and fit studying into that schedule so yes, it doesn’t leave a huge amount of free time!

Emily: I am super busy at Uni just now, so keeping up with that as well as assignments, keeping fit, volunteering and keeping my liver working hard with my copious wine intake takes up my diary pages.


Only thing Miss Lovett and Miss Rennie love more than Her Campus... Ice Cream. Well we can't blame them. Yumma

HC: How do manage your time whilst running such a successful university magazine?

Laura: Oh don’t, you’re boosting our egos! Managing time is tricky and definitely something I haven’t mastered yet. I make a lot of lists. And lists of lists. It’s always satisfying ticking something off at the end of the day! And I also have my trusty filofax to keep track of the days that I would be lost without.

Emily: Thank goodness for my filo-fax and alarm clocks. Laura and I have specific HC time in our flat where we do everything we need to do… suddenly our lives go from dull Uni to pink and glittery HC! Keeping up the magazine’s success is something that means a lot to me so I’m all in to working hard for HC and making sure it’s continually excellent!


HC: How would your friends describe you in three words?

Laura: Hmmm... probably worrisome, a bit of a bean and loves a good gossip!

Emily: I think they would describe me as embarrassing for sure, dramatic is a must in this, aaaand probably a bit of a Princess since I like life’s luxuries.


HC: What is the best thing that has come from HC for you so far?

Laura: Anything I say here will sound cheesy but there has to be a few things. I’m proud that we all have created this wee space of journalism ourselves! It’s been a busy year and a half but I’m proud to say we did it! It’s also been great to at last find a little group of girls with similar interests as me; I really look forward to our weekly gossips! And finally, it’s been great to find a voice. It’s fantastic for girls (and guys) to be given a platform to stand up for things or just write and be silly. So much HC love!

Emily: There are quite a few. I have really enjoyed meeting new people and some of my closest friends now are people I just met through HC, we have our own little family, which is the cutest. However, the highlight of many highlights has to be when my article on my battle with an eating disorder ‘Coming Out’ was published. So many people who had no idea what I had been going through were amazed and the feedback and support I got was incredible. People who I haven’t spoken to for years were messaging me. The most important thing is that girls who have or are going through an eating disorder feel like they can talk to me about it in confidence and I have been able to help them. I am proud that I was able to make something good out of a sad situation.