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Meet the Committee: Ayanda Mlengana

Name- Ayanda Nyathela Nico Mlengana

Committee Position- Editor

Age- 21

Degree- Economics and Finance

From – South Africa

This week we got the opportunity to catch up with our favourite South African babe and editor at HCAU- here’s what she had to say!

HC: Hi Ayanda! You’re one of Her Campus Aberdeen’s new editors, are you enjoying the position & being on the committee? AM: I haven’t been in the position long but so far so good, we’ll see how it gets as the work starts pilling up. Being on the committee is cool; the committee members are quite friendly.

HC: Glad to hear! How are you enjoying Aberdeen University, how does it compare to being in South Africa?

AM: I love the University (not really the city); I especially love the fact that we write exams before Christmas holiday instead of after, gives me a more relaxed holiday. I don’t really think I can compare Scotland to South Africa; there are places that I absolutely love in South Africa that I can’t find here, as well as places here that I can’t find in South Africa. However, I’m definitely not a fan of Aberdeen weather.

HC: Neither are we Ayanda, So since you’re looking for some sun where’s your favourite place to travel to?

AM: I really love travelling to Italy, especially Florence. I think Florence has the best of both, culture and a good nightlife. Only problem is it’s not the cheapest place to visit, so I don’t go there often.

HC: Amazing- Can you tell us a story from your travels?

AM: I once travelled to Venice with a few friends, and anyone who’s been there can tell you it’s very easy to get lost. I got separated from my friends, and I needed the bathroom… BADLY. Asking locals for directions isn’t necessarily helpful either; my Venetian friend once told me that locals sometimes give tourists wrong directions on purpose. So there I am lost, no way of contacting my friends and my bladder about to burst. After what felt like hours of searching (probably only 20mins), I just decided to stay in one spot hoping someone would find me, also if I had continued walking I would have probably wet myself. About 10-15mins later I heard my name being called by one of my friends from the windows above me, turns out for the whole 10-15mins I was there, I was standing right outside our hotel. Moral of this story is never leave your hotel room without emptying your bladder,especially if you’re going in Venice.

HC: Haha! That’s for sure something we have to note! What did you do over the summer?

AM: I went back home to South Africa and I worked the whole holiday. I also spent time with friends, wasn’t the most exciting holiday I’ve had.


HC: Where do you plan on visiting next? – Should we expect a HC travels

AM: To be honest, I’m not sure but I’ve always wanted to go to Cambodia. If I save up enough money, hopefully that will be my next destination.

Thanks for chatting to us Ayanda!


President for Pink level Her Campus Aberdeen!
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