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Meet the Committee: Anette Biese

Meet the committee: Anette BieseAge: 24

Degree: Law

Committee position: Secretary


This week Her Campus caught up with our brand new Secretary, the lovely Anette Biese! Let’s find out a little bit more about this wonderful lady.

HC: Hi Anette! How are you enjoying Her Campus now that you’re on the committee?


AB: Hi! I’ve had a good time so far on the committee. I really like being a part of what happens and just all in all keeping the society going since it was such a great experience for me as an ordinary society member. I just want to make sure everyone else gets the same experience I had and is left with lots of amazing memories. 


HC: I totally agree. So, what did you get up to this summer? I know you’re from Finland, did you spend a lot of time there?

AB: I went home to Finland for the summer! I got a pretty good job doing corporate billing for the Post Office so I worked all summer. I also managed to squeeze in my yearly mountain climbing excursion to Norway and go to a couple of music festivals. I can’t believe how fast the summer months passed!

HC: I know! Way too fast. At least you got away from the lovely Scottish summer… Where else would you love to travel to if you had the chance?

AB: Australia!! It’s been on my bucket list for sooo long but I just haven’t found the time to go yet. One of my best friends moved there last year so now I’d have a valid excuse to spend money on a plane ticket over.

HC: That would be amazing, you should definitely go! So, on a slightly less exotic note, what made you choose Aberdeen for university?

AB: To be honest, Aberdeen was a decision I made in the span of about 48 hours. I’ve moved around a lot during my life and I’d been in Finland for High School and some time after so I decided that I wanted to go somewhere new. One of my old classmates from primary was studying in Aberdeen and she spoke so highly of it that I decided to apply just two days before application deadlines! They have a pretty good law programme and uni is free so it made it a good option.

HC: You’re a lot braver then me! How do you think Aberdeen compares to home?

AB: Weather wise it’s pretty similar – it rains a lot. But thankfully it doesn’t get nearly as cold as back home. Helsinki is filled with colorful houses and buildings so Aberdeen is very grey in comparison, Scottish people however are a lot more open and easier to approach than Finns so I’ve always been made to feel welcome here, which has been a big positive! I do really like it here, and now that I’ve mastered understanding the Aberdonian accent (took some time!) and made some great friends it really does feel like home.

Well all the HC girls are definitely glad you chose Aberdeen! Thanks Anette! HCXO

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