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Meet the Comittee: Kitty Duthie

Meet the Committee: Kitty Duthie!


Age: 21

Committee Position: Treasurer

Home Town: Edinburgh

Favourite Disney Princess: Ariel



HC: What is it like studying primary teaching?


KD: It’s good! I like that I’m studying something where I know exactly what I’ll be doing after. I have an end goal and I know teaching is something I’m going to enjoy doing my whole life. Also, the placements are so much fun, a lot of work but such good experience too.


HC: You have been in Madrid au pairing this summer, what was that like?


KD: It was great, it was the second summer I’ve spent there with the same host family and definitely the best summer I’ve had so far. The kids I look after are so cute and (usually) well behaved. I also get on well with my host parents, so it’s all pretty easy in that sense and although the kids drive me crazy at times, all the perks you get as an au pair just make the whole experience so worth it. Working abroad over summer is definitely something I’ll do again.


HC: What was the best thing about Madrid?


KD: Probably the freedom I had. Although you’re obviously responsible for the kids when you’re with them, when you’re off work you don’t really have many worries. I was also out there with a couple of friends and met a lot of other au pairs, so we went out a lot and travelled too, which was fun. But also definitely the sun, I’ve still not yet adjusted to the Aberdeen weather and not wearing a bikini everyday!


HC: Did you go anywhere else this summer?


KD: I went on holiday a couple of times with my host family which was good, but still worked a few hours a day, so not as relaxing as you’d expect! I also went to Barcelona for a weekend with some au pair friends and then to Marbella just before leaving Spain with Tamarra and two of my friends from home, which was such a nice way to end my summer.


HC: Where would you love to travel?


KD: I would love to go to Asia, but I want to go when I have more time and money to plan it. I’d also love to go to Paris though, I’ve never been! I would definitely do a trip to Disneyland while I’m there, because I never went as a child. :(


HC: What are you most looking forward to about HC Aberdeen this year?


I’m looking forward to recruiting and getting to know our new members. I feel like it’s so important that the committee gets to know everyone, it makes all our events so much more fun. And obviously the events themselves too, our socials are always hilarious.


HC: What is your go-to outfit on the average day?


KD: If I’m going to uni, then usually just jeans or gym-wear, although if you see me wearing gym stuff, there’s usually a very small chance I’m actually en route to the gym! I’d like to say I try channel Gigi Hadid on the daily but Aberdeen’s weather and 9ams don’t really allow it.


Thanks Kitty, We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!


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