The Magical Life of Tinder

Tinder: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Tinder is a weird and wonderful place. People are looking for anything from a one night stand to a soul mate, plus everything in-between. You can feel empowered and swipe left and right like there’s no tomorrow, crossing fingers and toes that you match with someone. Tinder is quite addictive, I’m currently swiping (for research purposes obviously) and do so at least a couple of times a day. Tinder can be a lot of fun, especially when you are drunk. One of our HC girls was kind enough to share her experience of her serenading a Tinder match after a night out:



I’ve never actually met up with someone that I’ve matched with on Tinder, but plenty of people do and some even end up in a relationship with someone they swiped right to. That sounds all lovely, doesn’t it? Falling in love because of an app. A modern day fairy-tale. Well remember when I said Tinder was weird? I’m about to show you why:

Some boys haven’t learnt that less is more. First impressions DO count and my first impression of Mr Jam&Jelly was definitely not a good one.


Boys will be boys and they make a lot of reference to their manhood on Tinder. Luckily for us, you can’t send pictures on Tinder, so we don’t have to worry about receiving an unwanted Dick-Pic! Somehow, many boys I match with manage to slip in (no pun intended) the subject of their penis pretty quickly.

   Do boys google ‘pick-up lines involving my penis’?



I suppose I should expect this when one of my pictures is of me at Platform 9 ¾...

Honestly though, some boys are just really strange. We should all feel sorry for this HC gal and what her Tinder match thought was good chat:


Remember when men were gentlemen and didn’t tell girls that they wanted to taste their farts?


Meeting up with someone from Tinder can be a daunting thought. You’ve only ever talked to someone over an app, they might not be the person you expected them to be. One of our members said she had a date with someone from Tinder and it turns out they basically lied just to make it seem like they had something in common. Some members of Her Campus Aberdeen told me how either they had been, or had friends who had been, seriously Catfished. All that was missing from some of these dates was the MTV film crew and Nev and Max. Another one of our girls had to deal with a Trump supporter who was plain racist towards Muslims and was so rude that he upset this member on their date. Bizarrely, he thought they could meet up again the next week! This same girl also met up with someone who wanted her to be a one-time lesbian experience. Tinder has not been kind to this HC gal. Boys, just be yourself and don’t use pictures that aren’t actually you! Honesty is the best policy.

Although I’ve received PLENTY of disgusting, sexually orientated and just plain creepy messages from boys on Tinder, I’m still swiping. You never know, Mr Right may just be a right swipe away.


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