A Look(back) At Some Of The Best Xmas Adverts!

A Look(back) At Some Of The Best Xmas Adverts!


Some of HC Aberdeen’s favourite Christmas adverts of the past few years!


M&S:  Christmas with love from Mrs. Claus (2016)




This advert shows that although Santa Claus is one of the most famous and magical men in the world, his wife his just as – if not more – badass and kind as him, by helping a little boy get his sister an amazing gift!



IRN-BRU: The Snowman (2011)




In 2011 IRN-BRU made the classic film The Snowman their own by changing the lyrics to its theme song ‘Walking in the Air’ to a song about a boy who won’t share his IRN-BRU with his snowman friend and is promptly dropped into a pile of snow!


Boots: #SpecialBecause (2014)




The focus of this heart-warming advert is a hardworking nurse, who comes home early on boxing-day morning to find that her entire family has waited to celebrate Christmas with her!


Aldi: Kevin the Carrot parts 1 and 2 (2016 & 2017)      



The subject of Aldi’s 2016 advert is a little carrot named Kevin who’s biggest wish is to meet Santa. By trekking across a house, he succeeds in his endeavours and ends up hanging from one of the reindeer’s antler.

His story was picked up again this year, where he finds himself on a train, desperate to get across a long dinner table to where a girl carrot named Katie waits for him!


Vodafone: #TerryTheTurkey (2015)



A cute and funny advert, in which a man decides to raise his own turkey for his Christmas dinner, but his children end up loving it so much that they end up having a vegetarian Christmas dinner!


M&S: Paddington & The Christmas Visitor (2017)



M&S almost won Christmas with Britain’s favourite bear this year! In the advert, Paddington mistakes a burglar for Santa and helps him redeliver the presents he stole from Paddington’s friends and neighbours.


Boots: #ShowThemYouKnowThem (2017)




The motto for Boots’ 2017 advert was #ShowThemYouKnowThem and the retailer showed this through the story of two sisters, who exchange gifts, followed by a lovely montage of the two girls growing up together!


Allegro: English for Beginners (2016)




This heart-warming Polish advert is about an elderly man who painstakingly teaches himself English, so that when he goes to meet his grandchild in the UK for the first time, he can talk to her!


Sainsbury’s: 1914 (2014)




This tearjerker of an advert is my personal favourite and portrays the ceasefire on Christmas Day 1914, during World War One, in which British and German soldiers shake hands and spend the day playing football instead of fighting from their trenches!