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In 2021, I set a goal of reading more throughout the year. For 2022 I want to read even more, and inspire more people to read whenever they can! Below are my top 5 tips for reading more this year.  

  1. Only buy and read books you’ll enjoy  

This seems like such an obvious thing to do, but I have definitely bought books because friends have, or I’ve seen them on TikTok or Youtube when deep down I knew I probably wouldn’t like it. As such, before I buy a book I ask myself three questions: Does the blurb of the book intrigue me? Can I visualise this book on my bookshelves? Is this book a length I am prepared to read? If I answer yes to all three of these, then it will go straight into my basket. Your questions don’t have to be the same, perhaps you don’t care what a book looks like so you might swap the second question for something more relevant. The point is, only pick and buy books you actually want to read.   

  1. Stop reading books if you don’t like them  

In a similar vein, if you do pick out a book you think you’ll enjoy and then get 10 pages in and start hating it – don’t finish reading! I think websites like Goodreads, with their reading challenges, make it seem like reading is a sport you must win at. I’m here to tell you this is wrong! Reading should be for enjoyment, so if you are not enjoying a book – stop reading it!  

  1. Read a set amount of pages each day  

This is a super simple way to read more. I try to read 20 pages at least a day. You might be reading less or a lot depending on your schedule, but setting a daily target at a similar time each day is one of the best ways to increase the amount you read.  

  1. Bring a book with you  

Again, this seems like a basic tip, but the amount of times I’ve had a spare 5 minutes in my life where I’d wish I’d brought a book with me to read is endless. While I wouldn’t suggest lugging War and Peace around you wherever you go, if you have space in your handbag or backpack, throwing in the book you are reading not only encourages you to read more but makes you the main character when you are sitting reading on public transport.  

  1. Utilise technologies  

Lastly, paper books are not your only option. I fully disagree with puritans who refuse to include ebooks and audiobooks into their overall reading statistics. I love audiobooks and think they are excellent ways to absorb knowledge and amazing stories without having to sit with a physical book. Having a digital copy of literature makes reading on the go easier and much more likely!  

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Iona Hancock

Aberdeen '22

PGDE Primary 21/22 @ Aberdeen 1st Class Honours in Politics and IR @ Aberdeen
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