How To Get Your Life Organised – HCAU Guide

How To Get Your Life Organised – HCAU Guide

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I’m definitely one of those people who colour code their life and plan out their week serval weeks in advance. Some people may say that this level of organisation is a waste of time and unnecessary, but I have found that it has really helped me cope with the demands of university life.

#1: Buy yourself a diary - I always try to get a cute diary that I will actually enjoy using. Personally, I like a day-to-page one where I have plenty of space to write everything in. Having everything written down in one place will ensure that you’re not reminded about a deadline the night before.

#2: Be realistic with your time – It’s okay to say no to plans if you have other things to do. Don’t fill your schedule with activities every hour of every day or you will end up burning out. You’ll also realise that you don’t have any time to fit in unexpected plans which causes more time than it’s worth.

#3: Read your course guides – they are filled with vital information about deadlines, word counts, hand-ins and referencing that will save you so much time. I go through my course guides at the start of the semester and write in all the vital dates like deadlines. Next to the deadlines, I note how many words the assessment is, how much of my grade it is worth, if it’s just an electronic hand in, and what the deadline time is.

#4: Have a tidy and workable space – even if it’s your desk in the library keep it tidy and only have your essentials on it. Nothing worse than knocking a coffee cup over a pile of notes or losing your pen in a mountain of stuff.

#5: Take time to breathe – think about when you’re going to have a break (for coffee, lunch, dinner, etc.) and actually enjoy them. Don’t deprive yourself of some vital downtime as it won’t help your physical or mental health. You’ll feel more on top of things and capable if you’re not exhausted or food deprived.

University is all about having fun and making incredible memories but don’t let a 15-hour stint in the library, because you’ve forgotten about an assignment again, overshadow these.