How to Dress for an Interview

How to Dress for an Interview


At this time of year, many fourth-year students will be going to various interviews for Postgrads, Masters and jobs. Although you have to impress with your answers to questions, a big stress is figuring out what to wear. HCAU have some helpful tips for picking the best interview outfit.

  • Play it safe: it’s much better to go for a subtle look that to shock the interviewers with clashing prints or a pair of pink dungarees. You can still show off your personality through a fun top or bright shoe with a pair of plain trousers or a skirt.
  • Know your audience: although it is best to play it safe with most interviews, if you know that the company/university are looking for something a bit different and non-traditional, don’t be afraid to bring in more of your personality in to your outfit.


  • Quick combos: a blouse/smart top and a skirt never goes wrong, with a pair of Chelsea boots or loafers. A shirt dress is also professional but still trendy and fashionable. Cropped trousers with brogues or loafers is a great combination also.
  • Accessories: again, know your audience. If you are going to an interview a simple necklace, watch/bracelet and earrings combination allows you to add a bit of sparkle without it being too much. Also think about your bag, something practical to hold your documents but a bag can also be used to express your personality. A plain coat with a bright coloured bag adds some fun to your outfit.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is amazing for finding some good looks for interviews. Do a search on there to get ideas for your own outfit.
  • Be comfortable: Interviews are stressful enough without having a skirt digging in to you or your shoes giving you blisters. Pick an outfit you feel comfortable and confident in, your performance in the actual interview will benefit from you being relaxed in how you look.


Good luck to everyone who has important interviews coming up from HCAU xoxo




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