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How to do Halloween on a Budget (We are students after all)

How to do Halloween on a Budget (We are students after all)


It’s that time of year again: Halloween has arrived and we all need to wrack our brains on what to dress up as without spending a fortune!!! Well have no fear, because it’s my job to spice up your Halloween costumes ideas without breaking the bank – and no it doesn’t involve you putting on a set of cat ears!

#1 The Skull

So let’s start simple. All you need to complete this look is a pair of black tights or leggings – or even a jumpsuit would do. Head on down to Poundland or Superdrug for some inexpensive makeup and coloured hairspray, and start exploring Pinterest for makeup ideas. Maybe get the girls over to help you get ready!


(Lynn Gourley Facebook)


#2 The fruit groups

Okay so nobody wants to relive the Georgia Nicholson stuffed olive incident, but if you and your pals fancy getting into the food group run down to Primark or jump onto eBay and grab yourself a bright coloured shirt. Cover it in some dots to symbolise seeds, buy a leafy green headband, or get a little crafty. And that’s our 5-a-day costume sorted.

(Kerry Philips Instagram)


#3 The Incredibles

Feeling like Disney is the way to go? Well speaking from experience, this costume is cheap, easy, and great for a group idea too!! All you need is the t-shirt from eBay which costs £5. The tights, spanks, and socks are all from Primark and if you are being a family of superheroes, multipacks work perfectly. Throw it all together and you’re a superhero


(Shannon Dharmaratne Instagram)


#4 The Bed Sheet Toga

This one is really simple. Purchase or use an old bed sheet and Google how to tie a toga costume. You’ll be ready to go in no time!! Add some finishing touches by twisting kitchen foil into a headband.

(Google Images)


#5 The escaped patient

Fancy getting your fright on? This costume took approximately 1 hour to create. All you need is fake blood, dark makeup and a £3 Primark men’s top that you can rip and design however you would like! If you have a teddy you can take with you, hold him by the arm and you’ve just become an escaped patient.

(Shannon Dharmaratne Instagram)


#6 Bill and Ben

This one is also really simple. All you need is some leggings, a long sleeved t-shirt, rosy cheeks, a plant pot, and a partner!

(Lacey Dharmaratne Facebook)


I hope that was inspiring for everyone because I’m expecting big things from you all this year!

Let’s all have some fun and get a lil spooky!

Shannon is a fourth year history student studying at the University of Aberdeen. When she isnt in class or working as a waitress, you can find her walking the dogs around the country, trying out new dinner recipes or scrolling endlessly through ASOS. Find her on Instagram: Shannyd100
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