How to be The Perfect Bridesmaid

How to be The Perfect Bridesmaid


Weddings are amazing times for the whole family, but they are also a stressful time for the bride and groom. I was so thrilled when my cousin asked me to be her bridesmaid when she got engaged and now, a few weeks after the wedding, I have some words of wisdom for any bridesmaid.


  • The Bride is your priority:

If the bride-to-be needs you to do any job – do it! There are going to be so many little jobs that you’ll need to help out with so be prepared for some crafting, organising and chasing after people. The bride will also need you to be her shoulder to cry on, her confidant and her main support on the day. Be ready for any situation and just try to keep the bride as calm as possible and remind her how fab the whole day will be!

  • Organise Yourself:

Make up, hair styles, shoes, nail polish – try to get yourself organised, obviously in keeping with the theme and the bride’s wishes, so she does not have to worry. If you know what you’re doing, and you can get ready without a problem it means all the focus is on the bride and keeping her calm.


  • Practice Walking in your shoes:

Your bride does NOT want you falling down the aisle.

  • Hen Party Planning

Start as early as possible. Get a list and make sure people know what they are doing in advance, people might need to book travel and accommodation. Try to think of something fun and interactive that everyone can get involved in. Also think of the bride, is there something she’s very passionate about or has always wanted to do?


  • Essentials for the Big Day:

Have a small clutch bag with everything you and your bride might need. Spare hair clips, lipstick, tissues, wet wipes, powder, body tape, blister plasters – whatever you might need for the rest of the night. The amount of photos that will be getting taken means that you will both need to look on point at all times. This will also help your bride to relax as they know you have everything they will need for them.


  • Enjoy!

This is a wonderful day and after months and months of planning it’s time to enjoy. This is the biggest day of the bride’s life so far and it’s a great thing to be a part of. I cried so much throughout the whole ceremony as it was so lovely to see my cousin and her husband so happy to be married.

Major thank you goes to my cousin and the new Mrs Gaddess, Sarah! Massive congrats to you and Mark xoxo


All photo's Holly's own