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Freshers: Homesick? Here’s 5 tips to help when you move away from home!

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Admittedly, my move away from home was not that far; 68 miles or 1hr 23 in the car. I am however very much a home-bird and so moving away was a struggle for me in first year. I’m hoping these tips can help anyone else moving away to feel more at home in Aberdeen! 

  1. Facetime is your friend. Not being able to see family can be a real struggle and put you in a low mood. This can be helped however with the assistance of facetime. If you are like me and don’t have an iPhone or your family doesn’t, use WhatsApp video call. Just seeing faces from home for a little while can help to make you feel less homesick.  
  1. Make your room your own. Living in a new place can be weird, so whether you are in student accommodation or a rented flat, make your space your own by decorating with art, fairy lights, pictures, whatever you like! This can make the space you are now living in feel more like home.  
  1. Book in visits. Either before you leave or anytime you are home/have someone visit you, book in the next visit. This can help you have a time to look forward to and not focus so much on missing people.  
  1. If you can’t visit them in person, arrange online date/family nights! COVID has been a nightmare all round, but the one thing it did show us was that – in moderation – online socialising isn’t all that bad and can actually be fun. Arrange to cook the same meal as your partner or friend and eat together as if you were together. Play an online board game with family and have your family games night online!  
  1. Immerse yourself in your surroundings. New places can be very overwhelming and intimidating so – at your own pace – immerse yourself in things to do around you! Visit local parks, have a wander around the shops and join clubs/societies both within and out with university! Giving yourself things to do will allow you to focus on the present and you may even make some new friends whilst you’re at it! 
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