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Her Story: Losing My Dog

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

Her Story: Losing my Dog


Copper Henderson: 27.01.07 – 18.09.16


“Dog’s leave paw prints on your heart”


If someone were to ask me my biggest fear, the answer would be losing a loved one. Unfortunately, my nightmare came true – through the canine member of my family. This did not make him any less of a member of our family and he was loved by every single one of us.Anyone who met Copper would agree that he was a character and had his own wee personality. As a dog who was individual from others, he was unique. Copper loved chasing leaves, eating flies and sleeping on his pink beanbag.

It is difficult to really communicate how much I will miss him. I begged and begged for a dog when I was 10 and 11. Eventually my parents gave in and Copper was welcomed into our little family; it turned out he was the missing member. As time does, it goes on and soon Copper was everyone’s favourite member. Every time we were out together, people would stop and ask how old my “puppy” was – right up until the day before he passed.


Although he was only 9 and a half, Copper unfortunately deteriorated quickly and had a whole host of problems. I was away in Aberdeen so everyday for the last week, I was texting my mum and sister with an update on how he was. In some ways, I felt some relief because at least I knew he was safe, the worst had been and it could only get better. He lived his last week how he would have wanted to live every single day – on sausages.


Copper has taken a little piece of my heart with him when he parted from us, but I have had 9 years of fun with him. It is hard just now – time will make it easier – but I wouldn’t want to change any of the time we had together.

Some people may not understand grieving over a pet but I know many people will. I just hope that wherever Copper is now that he is happy and in a better place.

We will never forget you Copper, you were the ray of sunshine that never stopped. “You may have left my life, but you will never leave my heart.”


Rest Well, Copsey. I’ll miss you.