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HCAU’s Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a Long Distance Relationship

HCAU’s Guide to Celebrating Valentine’s Day in a Long Distance Relationship



Being in a long-distance relationship is never easy, it takes a lot of trust, excellent texting abilities and patience. The worse part of having your other half across the ocean, is the inability to celebrate relationship milestones together. Birthdays and anniversaries are a mix of phone calls, multiples texts and DHL gift deliveries. But for those days or weeks when you get to see each other in the flesh, you remember why it’s all worth it. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share a few ways of celebrating the day of love away from your love:


Gift Shipping Services

In a world where Facebook is now used as a medium to send “heartfelt/well wishing” messages, there is no greater feeling then receiving a physical gift or a card with a love letter written inside. To make sure your partner across the pond knows you care, send them a special gift and time it so the gift arrives on Valentine’s Day.


Dinner For Two

Although you can’t go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner with your partner, doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic dinner together. A day before Valentine’s day, find recipes that you are both capable of preparing. On the day of love, log on to Skype and watch as both of you prepare the selected meal from different end of the Earth. It’s a great way to tease each other’s cooking abilities and spark a bit of friendly competition. After the cooking you can enjoy a romantic Skype dinner.


Netflix and Chill

Thanks to the internet, movies are readily available online. On Valentines day, you can recreate a movie experience even from miles away. Get a teddy bear, big enough for cuddling and spray it with his/her cologne/perfume. Once the teddy bear sufficiently smells like your partner, call your partner on Facebook messenger (since it uses Wi-Fi, you can stay online all night) and select a movie you’d both enjoy watching. While watching the movie, keep your messenger call on so you can hear each other’s comments throughout the movie.


There are many ways to keep the spark alive, even in a long-distance relationship. As long as you’re willing to make the effort, a 1000 miles Valentine’s Day date can be just as romantic and love filled as a night spent together.


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