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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

As it being mental health week, one way that greatly improves mental health is resting, which may involve watching TV. I decided to gather a list from HCAU, asking them their favourite feel-good TV shows that could help lift the moods of others!  

Kate recommends Grace and Frankie, a lovely show about two women who try to figure out their lives after divorce. They say it is the best show when you just want a cosy night in as it doesn’t involve a lot of brain power to follow as it’s extremely funny. Other shows they suggests is Tales of the City, a show about queer love, finding yourself and chosen family which they find heart-warming and Heartstopper, another feel-good show about young love and friendship. 

Maeve suggests Community, a show I’ve just watched and can vouch it classes as a ‘feel-good’ TV show, it always makes her laugh and has representation which she relates to without being preachy! 

Julia recommends Derry Girls as the funniest show she’s ever watched, a show which is just extremely sweet and light-hearted! She also a fan of Mindhunter which she says has rally great true crime/incredible casting with compelling characters and stories  

Esmee suggests New Girl, a light-hearted show she loves. Another recommendation she has is After Life, the latest season just released. Whilst it can be emotional, it is also a greaat comedy which gives you a real perspective on life. She says it’s a nice reality check which allows you to realise how lucky you are with everything and everyone around you. 

Maggie likes Parks and Recs, a classic which has a great cast and really sweet stories. Another show she thinks is great is Chewing Gum, which she wishes went on for longer but is hilarious, relatable and showcases diverse experiences. 

Megan’s go-to is Friends, whilst also recommending One Day at a Time, Friday Night Dinner and Sex Education. She loves the characters, finding them relatable in one way or another. She suggests any show that makes her laugh is a winner. I also believe Sex Education is good because whilst it is educational, it is also extremely comedic, managing to pull of the fun, quirky and awkward side of relationships and sex. 

Other shows that seem to fit together is Whitechapel, recommended by Iona which involves history, murder, other such crime and the devil all wrapped in one show. Also dealing with crime, Niamh’s recommendation is The Rookie, police show about a guy in his 40s who joins the police. She says it’s a typical police drama, which also deals with lots of relevant systemic issues. Lastly, Caryln recommends Orange is the New black, which although she admits is old these days, she says if you want to cry a lot and feel sorry for the criminals, stating it’s worth your while!  I also recommend Brooklyn 99. Although I am also a sucker for crime documentaries which I definitely wouldn’t recommend as a feel-good tv show, Brooklyn 99 is a comedy set in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct, centred around the lovable character Jake Peralta played by who is a NYPD detective.  

After scrutinising my entire watch-list, here are some I can recommend! First is Next in Fashion, a fashion design competition. I personally loved watching designers from all over the world come and compete in this show, with such a time-crunch to pull off such amazing designs. I also loved watching the Good Place, set in a utopia in the afterlife, this show is funny whilst portraying philosophy in a fun and creative way. Lastly, I recommend watching Atypical, a show about an autistic boy navigating through his final years of school with his love of penguins.

Business Management and Psychology graduate from the University of Aberdeen '22