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Hi Hi! How have things been since graduating from the University in Aberdeen?

Hey! Things have been good- graduation was one of the best days ever, it was so nice to spend a (thankfully sunny!) day in Aberdeen with all my closest friends from Uni and my family, and to end my time in Aberdeen with a night out in Prohibition and then a sleepover with India was amazing. Since then things have been pretty good too so I can’t complain.


Do you miss Her Campus Aberdeen?

Yes! I miss HC so much. If I said I didn’t wear my HCAU jumper at Strathclyde now I would be lying… I still chat to India, Kitty, Tamarra, Freya, Katie and Serena most days so lots of us who left still keep in touch and reminisce about all the nights out and hilarious chat at writers meetings. I also miss all the hilarious lists India used to write for HC (shoutout to the best list of all time- https://www.hercampus.com/school/aberdeen/16-lies-girls-tell-night-out). They were the best thing to get you through a long day at the lib.


Omg I loved that article! One of my favourites too!

So, what are you doing now that you’ve graduated?


I started studying a post-grad law course called DPLP in September, so I’m back in Glasgow at the moment. It has been a lot of work so far but I’ve met some of the best people and have a great group of friends, so they’ve helped fill the HC void!


What’s your favourite part of post grad life?

There have been so many good things, it’s hard to choose! I have quite long breaks in between classes now so I can go for lunch or coffee in some nice places in town which is great. I also love that I don’t have the dissertation guilt whenever I’m not doing uni work- that was the worst feeling ever. My favourite thing has probably been that I chose to move city and meet loads of new people. Although I miss HC and Aberdeen so much, moving back to Glasgow has been the best thing to get outside my comfort zone this year (even though I’m now back living with my extremely messy little brother- sorry Ross if you’re reading this (which you definitely won’t be)).


Do you have any exciting plans for summer?

I’m planning to go travelling for a while, a similar road trip to the one I did last summer before I move to Edinburgh for work which should be really fun. Also hoping for a little week away in the sun, probably in Spain (because who doesn’t want to eat patatas bravas and chorizo every night with a little tinto de verano?) with India. I went out to see her when she was working in Madrid and it was so fun to just lie in a park and do nothing all day- so I’m hoping for round two this year.

Some sunny relaxation time with your bestie sounds like an ideal summer getaway


Do you have a new favourite restaurant/coffee shop in Glasgow?

I have so many! I have been out for food so much since moving home- the good thing about Aberdeen Uni is that you’re closer to home than town so going out for dinner isn’t as tempting. In the morning I quite often go to Sprigg on Ingram Street for a breakfast bowl and a coffee (it’s cheap and so delish- 10/10 would recommend if you’re in Glasgow), and Singl-End in the Merchant City is my go-to for brunch / coffee and cake after a class in the morning.


Quick Fire


Sweet or Savoury?




Night owl or Early bird?


Early bird


Current favourite T.V. series?


Desperate Housewives- always.


Undergrad or Postgrad?




Favourite Zac Efron film?


17 Again


Good answer, what a film.

Thanks for keeping us up to date Carly! Good luck with everything and hope to hear from you again soon! lots of love from the little pink ship xoxo

Emily Sullivan

Aberdeen '20

Vice President at HCAU xo Anthropology student at Aberdeen University.
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