HCAU Where are They now? Beverley Clay

Name: Beverley Clay

Position on the last Committee: Editor

Current degree: English Literary Studies MA


  1. Firstly, how are you getting on? What have you been up to since leaving UoA and HCAU?


I’m really good, thanks! It’s been a busy time – I had a publishing internship and worked at the Edinburgh Book Festival over summer, and am currently doing a postgrad in English at Durham University! It’s all gone so fast, graduation really doesn’t feel that long ago.


  1. Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy! What is the thing you miss the most about uni life in Aberdeen?

Having all my friends so close by – I loved being able to pop over to someone’s flat or bump into them on campus! It’s so easy to forget to appreciate, but after graduation, everyone goes separate ways and is busy with new things.


  1. Okay serious question time, what do you miss most about being part of HCAU?

I had such a great time with so many amazing people – I think that’s definitely the thing I miss most. Everyone in the society is always so friendly, however well you know them. And the socials were always so much fun and a great way to get to know so many new people!


  1. What is your best memory of your time with HCAU?

So many! I guess one of my best would be my last AGM – I loved getting to see the whole committee one last time and celebrate the great year we’d just had!


  1. What piece of advice would you give to our current members? (either about uni life or being part of HCAU?)

Make the most of all the opportunities and try to say yes to as many things as you can! Uni can get really busy and degrees are always stressful but I had such a good time with all my friends and made some great memories!


  1. couldn't agree with that advice more! Finally, what would you love to see us write an article on/is there an article you never got the chance to write??

I always love articles which have been written with a lot of background knowledge – you can tell the writer really loves their subject and knows what they’re talking about, plus you get to learn a lot from a pretty short read!


Thank you so much to the lovely Beverley for taking the time out of her VERY busy schedule to give us one last amazing article! Lots of love from the little pink ship xoxo


(all photos are Beverley's own)