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HCAU Where are They now? Anette Biese

This week I got to catch up with the lovely Anette, who was last year’s Vice-President.

HC: Hey Anette! What have you been up to since leaving Aberdeen and Her Campus?

Oh, I feel like so much! I am currently pursuing an LL.M Master of Laws in International Business Law. I’ve also become very active in our local Law Society so I travel around quite a bit on international weeks meeting people from other law associations in the Nordic countries plus going to their annual Law Balls which is always so much fun!


HC: Sounds amazing! After leaving Aberdeen, you went back home. What is the best thing about that?

Definitely, the fact that I am back to being close to my family and friends. My sister is my best friend so it’s amazing having her and all my friends close by. I do however have to mention that living on my own is THE BEST. It’s so nice having a place where I actually own everything, so I was able to decorate it the way I wanted it to look etc, so it definitely feels like home.

HC: What do you miss most about Aberdeen and HCAU?

The people and the chats! HCAU was such a big part of my Aberdeen experience and I miss the writer’s meetings where you could chat about anything and everything. I also miss how cheap Aberdeen was, 90p vodka mixers are nowhere to be seen anymore.

HC: We really miss you here at HCAU too! Do you have any tips/advice for post-grad life?

Really research what you want to do. At least in Helsinki, these courses are so intense that if you don’t enjoy them I can imagine it being a burden more than anything. Also, do your reading and keep on top of things, no one will baby you forward anymore and remind you of things – it’s up to you to remember everything that needs to be done.


HC: Sounds crazy! You still manage to do a lot of travelling while studying. Where is the coolest place you have been, and do you have any tips for studying and travelling?

Yeah, I do and I’m really grateful for it, not gonna lie! Obviously, the international weeks help with them as they are somewhat uni-related but all in all, I’ve always kept my life such that I have the opportunity to travel as well. You just have to plan waaaay ahead, I do my uni work sometimes weeks before the deadline if it means that I can go on an adventure! My favourite place I’ve been is Rottnest Island in Australia! They had these little quokkas everywhere who just wanted to come to see you and take selfies, you can’t really find them anywhere else so it was an experience that made me happy haha.


HC: Omg, that is adorable! You’ve been doing the hard graft at university now for almost 5 years! Do you have any exciting plans for after finishing your post-grad?

Well, I feel like being a law student studying never really ends. I am actually pursuing a double master’s, so that I will have a Master of Laws as well as Master of Science in Finance! So still some more uni left, but hoping to be the next Harvey Specter soon!

HC: oh my gosh! That sounds like so much work! Finally, what advice do you give to students to make the most of their last year at university?

Do EVERYTHING, and don’t fret that diss. Everyone gets it done so it shouldn’t be the reason that you miss out on the last times to experience events that you know will be a lot more memorable than those 14 hour days at the library (but obviously don’t skip them every day). Just enjoy it, and definitely attend your graduation date! It was so much fun with everyone being on cloud nine.



Quick Fire

Night owl or early bird?

 Eh, I’m not really either. I’ll wake up early-ish but I also want to be in bed by 10. But maybe more an early bird then!

Tea or coffee?

COFFEE. Fun fact, Finns drink the most coffee in the world.

Latest Netflix binge?

I’m re-watching Gossip Girl!

Topolabamba dates or Mcdonalds?

I miss our HC McDonald’s ice cream dates so just for that I’ll say McDonald’s.

Favourite campus: Aberdeen or Helsinki?

Aberdeen, Helsinki is just building all over haha.


Thank you so much for catching up with us Anette! We miss you so much here in Aberdeen! It sounds like you are living your best life and we wish you all the luck in the world for the rest of your degree!


(all photos Anette’s own)

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