HCAU Welcome to the Committee: Zachary Hunter

Name: Zachary Hunter

Studying: English and Language & Linguistics

Year: 3rd

Committee Position: Editor


HC: Hi Zach, first of all, congratulations on your position as Editor! For those who don’t know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

ZH: Thank you! I never know what to say to this kind of question, but I would say I’m a simple person. My interests include topics such as politics, LGBTQ rights, reading, Netflix and ordering from Deliveroo


HC: When did you join HerCampus and why?

ZH: I joined back in September 2018 and joining was honestly unintentional! I came to a meeting with a friend as moral support, and then a committee member asked me what I was writing for the next week and I’ve been here since.


HC: What are you enjoying most about being on the committee and in HCAU generally?

ZH: I really like being an editor because I get exposure to different writing techniques and styles, which ultimately helps my writing, too.


HC: What advice could you give current or prospective students, or future members?

ZH: There’s no better place to start of your journalism life off in than in Her Campus. It’s definitely worth joining!


HC: What’s your favourite thing to write about for HCAU? Do you have any specific articles planned?

ZH: I really like LGBT and political themed articles. I intend to continue on producing both while I’m a part of Her Campus.


HC: Finally, to finish up our interview, we have some quick-fire questions! Go-to Starbucks order?

ZH: My order has to be as complicated as possible or else I’m not satisfied. I normally go for a large decaf latte with almond milk.


HC: Going out or staying in?

ZH: Staying in, I’m old and poor- it’s what’s best for my belly and my bank account


HC: Favourite Takeaway to order?

Falafel Delight


HC: Current celebrity crush?

Ezra Miller


HC: Last show you binge-watched?

The Dragon Prince, my boyfriend insisted so I could watch season two with him.



Photo is Zachary’s own.