HCAU Unpopular Opinions

Everyone has an unpopular opinion, so we here at HCAU decided to share some of our own! Read further for the tea and see if you agree or disagree with any of them!



#1 Adele is 1000% overrated. All of her songs sound the same, she barely writes any of her own music, and her sound hasn’t evolved at all since her first album. She’s just boring.

#2 Ed Sheeran is super boring.

#3 This is more about when the band was still together, but I don't get the whole One Direction thing... Sure some songs were good, but the fangirls were too much!



#1 I hate Riverdale... (Author’s note: this one lead to an admittedly weird FP and Jughead Jones thirst/debate).

# 2 I don’t get the Game of Thrones hype at all…

# 3 ‘To All the boys I’ve loved before’ is overrated (this spawned the savage follow-ups: “*cough* Peter *cough*” and “Just generally Noah Centineo tbh”).

#4 I don't get the hype around Friends (the tv show). I hate it.


Pictured: FP and Jughead Jones from ‘Riverdale’ – Source: Google images


Ones you would want to have when the deadlines hit you:

#1 Essay writing is actually quite enjoyable & satisfying.

#2 Referencing is actually fun and enjoyable! I mean when it’s a boring as heck topic that you’re writing on I get that it’s pretty horrible BUT when I’m writing on something that I even have a small bit of interest in, it’s kind of enjoyable?? I find it extremely satisfying to see a legible train of thought on paper & YES, I appreciate that this is an extremely unpopular opinion but I’ll defend it.



#1 I don't want to go to Disney World. To explain my unpopular decision: I am the youngest child in my family and I have two older brothers. When my brothers liked Disney I was too young. By the time I reached the age where most of my friends loved Disney, I was forced to watch SpongeBob. I totally missed the Disney bandwagon. I watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time this summer. I’ve never even seen Aladdin or Mulan - I don't even feel the need to!

#2 I’ve never wanted to visit France or USA. I feel like most people do, but I have zero interest. P.S. French is definitely not a sexy language.


Photo: Google images


HCAU Members on liking stuff:

#1 Pineapple on pizza.

#2 I fancy Pete Davidson (I hate myself too).

#3 Unpopular opinion but I think the new John Lewis Christmas advert is beautiful. It's getting so much hate, but I love it!

#4 I like taking baths, which personally never occurred to me as controversial until I moved to the UK and suddenly came across people who think it’s gross to sit in bathwater?! Baths are awesome!


HCAU Members on hating stuff:

#1 I hate the eyebrow trend. Not only do I think most people's HUGE fake eyebrows look ridiculous, but it also frustrates me that there is yet another thing to add to a woman's already long beauty regime. We spend enough time and money on our appearance...why do we need to add eyebrows to the list!?!

#2 I hate Christmas. I think it’s unnecessarily expensive and it’s an outdated tradition. It’s not fun for me because I spend the month beforehand stressed having to save money and getting gifts which takes the fun out of it for me.

#3 I don’t get the fuss about chocolate. I hate chocolate ice cream, and most milk chocolate in stores is way too sweet. I can enjoy a piece or a few every now and then, but whilst my flatmate eats the whole chocolate bar in one sitting, I can have one open for a few months before I finish it. Also: chocolate cake, Nutella, brownies etc…. Just no thanks.



I’d like to thank all the HCAU members who shared their unpopular opinions! Do you agree/disagree with any of them?


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