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HCAU Tips to Netflix and Chill

How to put the chill in ‘Netflix and Chill’

Allow me to set the scene… Your phone buzzed, it’s him! After 2 weeks of trying to find a time to meet up that suits both of you tonight is the night! He’s coming over, and the ‘Netflix and chill’ session is on the cards. BUT WAIT! How on earth are you meant to prep the setting, so it looks movie level effortless whilst also setting the right vibes? Fear not gals! Follow these quick and easy steps to get your room in the mood for the evening’s events and trust me when I say movie magic will be on the cards… ?

First things first. Tidy up. Get the dirty laundry IN the wash basket, clear ‘the chair’ (yes we all have one), empty the bin if the meal deal wrapper from three days ago is still in it and make the bed properly- that includes pillow plumping.

I know this sounds like an obvious one, but just like Ross in Friends, the saying might be ‘getting down and dirty’ but nobody wants to get down in the dirt so move your stinky socks. However, there are slight exceptions to this rule. While some of us are led to believe we need to hide our teddy in the wardrobe or put our dream catchers in the draw in fear of judgement, I am a firm believer in being yourself! So, keep the little things out that make you, you and if that includes letting Elliot live in his rightful spot on the bed so be it. I said tidy up not cover up.​

Meet Elliot 

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Next things on the list- appeal to the senses. If need be, open the window to eliminate the stuffy study smell (but not for too long it is -2) and spritz the Febreeze over the Primark throw you’ve been camping out in all weekend. Generally, I have a no candles rule as this is not a Nicholas Sparks novel BUT if like me you’re a candle person and have endless amounts in your room feel free to light one or two at the VERY most and place them in subtle areas like the desk or maybe the dressing table. Side note – AVOID the bedside tables because bed sheets and open flames do not mix. Trust me.




Lighting is everything in this situation. You don’t want the poor boy walking into what he thinks is a game of blind man’s bluff, but at the same time full lighting may give off study vibes while also adding the extra question of trying to figure out when to ditch the lights. My suggestion; big light off, bedside light on and if you’re feeling savvy why not turn on the fairy lights all of us girly students have either wrapped around our headboards or curtain poles. P.S. candles will also help set the low lighting chill time vibes.

One thing I know we as students struggle with is the privacy situation in that we tend not to have any. Walls are thin, living rooms are crowded and other than disappearing to your room quiet can be a hard thing to come across. My advice for deciding on your setting is to honestly think about how comfortable you are with this guy? Do you want him in your room, in your personal space? If the answer is no then I’m sure asking your flatmates to give you the living room for the evening shouldn’t be a problem (we tend to be extra supportive when potential gossip is on the cards). On the other hand, if the answer is yes then by all means head to the bedroom BUT I would suggest you whip out the comfy throw you have Febreezed for the simple reason that it breaks the ice of Netflix snuggles without having the intimacy of getting under the covers.

An added bonus for us girls in this situation- let’s be honest, us students can’t afford to have the heating on full blast all the time so considering boys are like walking radiators I suggest you make the most of it, warm up whilst you can and cuddle up

Now comes the real question; What do I wear?? The answer here, my loves, is very, very simple. Whatever you want too. Personally, when I’m in my house chilling and watching Netflix it’s joggers and hoodies or PJ t-shirts and shorts all the way. At the end of the day, it’s whatever you feel most comfortable in. Yes he’s cute and yes you want him to like you but here’s the thing; he’s coming over, isn’t he? So if you’re looking in the mirror wondering if he’s going to like what he sees or if your hair is fixed enough just remember he already likes you enough to show in the first place so chill out and wear your fave hoodie that your mum is always trying to bin when you bring it home at Xmas if that’s what makes you happy.

Let’s run through a recap. The room is tidy, the lights are low, candles are lit, and the laptop is fully charged should you need to maneuver its position away from the only extension cord you have. You’re in your fave HC hoody with the hair in an effortless/ haven’t brushed in a few days ponytail, and the Febreezed hangover blanket is spread over the top of the duvet. I’d say you’re ready to go girl!! You’ve officially turned your room into what appears to be nonchalant ‘Netflix and chill’ vibes. Before I leave you to enjoy the rest of your evening let me leave you with one small piece of advice.

The fact you have gone to the effort of reading this article tells me you’re a little nervous about your crush coming over. All I can say to that is nerves are a good thing when something new starts up, so its easier said than done but don’t over think tonight and just have fun. But remember with fun comes responsibility so stay safe, protect and respect yourself as well as each other and if you change your mind when and if the time comes it is so okay to say no! Ultimately he’s coming over because your vibes are on the same level and if you’re not feeling it or just don’t think you’re ready yet there is absolutely no embarrassment in saying you want to wait. Sometimes Netflix and Chill is allowed to just be exactly what it says on the tin.

Enjoy your night and keep me posted xoxo


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Shannon is a fourth year history student studying at the University of Aberdeen. When she isnt in class or working as a waitress, you can find her walking the dogs around the country, trying out new dinner recipes or scrolling endlessly through ASOS. Find her on Instagram: Shannyd100
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