HCAU Reviews: Urban Decay Heat vs Primark Master Palette

HCAU Reviews: Urban Decay Heat vs Primark Master Palette

This year I treated myself to both the Naked Heat Palette and the Primark Master Eye Palette, and must say I find myself reaching for both quite often. At first glance, there are striking differences between the two, but the question is - can the Primark palette stand up to the greatly hyped, and definitely much pricier, Naked Heat palette?

 I have come up with 6 tests to compare the quality and durability of both. I tried to make the tests the fairest I could, so I used the same make up routine for both and made the looks as similar as possible. I used the Nyx Proof It eye Primer and the same eyeshadow brushes for each palette.  For the crease and definition of the crease I used the Urban Decay smoky crease brush, for blending I used the Nyx blending brush, and for my centre lid I used the Real Techniques base brush.


The obvious difference between the two palettes is their price. Whilst the Naked Heat palette retails at £39.50, the Primark palette retails for ONLY £6!! It is an absolute bargain, but the question is, does it perform?


Is the Primark palette a direct dupe?

Both palettes have 12 stunning shades to work with, but the Master Eye palette is not an exact dupe for Naked Heat. Having said that, there are definitely some colour matches.

Pigment/ colour pay off

The Naked collection is known for its great pigmentation, and Naked Heat is no different; the colours are all stunning and high quality. Surprisingly, the same goes for the Master Eye palette - the colours are very pigmented! My boyfriend, who is totally clued in on make-up, by the way, after hearing my countless lectures and rants to him (Sorry Marc!), sometimes thinks that I’m wearing Naked Heat, when I’m actually wearing the Master Eye palette. It only speaks volumes for the colour and quality of the cheaper palette.

How easy are they to blend?

Naked Heat blends like the dream, just like any other Naked palette I have used before. If you apply too much shadow at once with the Master Eye palette, it can be difficult to work with and blend properly, but it is easily avoidable by adding a little at a time, which is what all the beauty gurus recommend anyway, to make the application seamless.

How bad is the fallout?

ALWAYS tap off the excess eyeshadow off the brush before applying it to the eyes, to save yourself from pigment flying everywhere. Although both seem particularly powdery when tapping of the excess, the Master Eye palette is even more so. If you don’t tap off the excess before applying, it could be disastrous, especially if you have already applied foundation, and that’s just something we never want to have to deal with.

Finally, the almighty wear test

Excuse the lighting at the end of the day, unfortunately we can’t get direct sunlight, aka the best lighting ever, at all times. Both held up well by the end of the day, there was no fading, creasing, smudging or movement, they still looked the same as when I first applied them.

Naked Heat First Applied               

Naked Heat at end of day

Master Eye First Applied                          


Master Eye at end of day

Final thoughts

Both palettes perform like a dream, with amazing colour range, pigment, effortless application and even durability. The price of the Primark Master Eye palette by no means diminishes the quality that you get, and is the absolute major positive here. I definitely recommend both palettes, as both perform to high end standards. On a budget, I definitely know which palette I would be choosing. Although I won’t be getting rid of my beloved Naked palettes any time soon, I am, however, more open to trying cheaper alternatives to high end make up after having such a positive experience.


All Photos are Jade's own