HCAU Reviews: GymShark

GYMSHARK: Worth the hype?


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I am by no means a fitness guru, but since the start of the year, the gym and I have been getting close. It’s been a great outlet for my anxiety, and once you see results, I can now understand why people get addicted. As my love affair with the gym has grown, I started to follow more fitness accounts for inspiration and motivation, and noticed many of my new-found idols such as Tammy Hembrow were ambassadors for the clothing brand GymShark. I knew I could never be drawn in by protein shakes and slimming teas, but a super cute pair of leggings for the gym? Now, I can get on board with that! After my first purchase, I wanted to share with you my experience with the very popular Seamless leggings, and give you some pros and cons on both the leggings and the brand itself.


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1.  Comfortable fit: No one wants itchy scratchy leggings to work out in. I’ve found them super soft and a great fit. Also, I am short (5’3 at a push), so for all the short girls out there wondering, there is no horrible bunching at the ankles.

2. They are high-waisted: My favourite aspect, and probably the main reason I chose the Seamless range was they are branded as high-waisted. And high-waisted they definitely are. I’ve been hiking up my old leggings for far too long and after only a couple of sessions wearing these, I can feel the waistband holding me in nicely, and I already feel less conscious about my belly rolls.

3. Sweatproof: I bought my leggings in the “Black Marl” colour and although I have been told to stray away from grey-ish leggings, I have had no problems. After a 2 and half hour workout I didn’t feel like the leggings had suffered (although my face would have said differently).

4. VPL proof: A must have. Period.

5. Body sculpting: I really haven’t seen anything like this design from other brands. There is fabric shading on the thighs and on the back to contour your legs and bum. I really wanted to think it was a gimmick, but I’ve had so many compliments from friends that I might just slightly believe it.



1. Pricing: This is by far the biggest issue. As students, we all want value for money and this is where my doubts come in. I just so happened to purchase the most expensive leggings on their website with a price tag of £40. Yes £40. I would be lying if I said that didn’t make me feel a little sick as I was checking out. However, StudentBeans does offer 10% off for students, which does soften the blow a little. At the end of the day, you would pay the same price for a pair of Topshop Joni Jeans without question.

2. Delivery: Gymshark offer free delivery on all orders over £35, so you’re more than likely to be eligible just by ordering one pair of leggings. Delivery stated that my order would be with me within 3-5 days. Excellent…if that had been the case. The order took over a week to arrive, and I can confirm this wasn’t just a one off. I spoke with friends who had also ordered at the same time who were still waiting on their deliveries. I was buzzing to work out in my new leggings, but by the time they actually arrived, my excitement had kind of fizzled out.

Overall I would definitely recommend the Seamless leggings, for the eye watering amount I paid for them I can’t say there are any major design faults. I think if you are a vivid gym bunny, then I would invest in a pair. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, shops like H&M, New Look, and even Primark has a surprisingly good range of sportswear that will cost you half of what you’ll find on GymShark. I don’t regret buying from GymShark, and if splurging motivates you to get that bod you’ve dreamed of then what’s the problem?!