HCAU Review: American Horror Story

HCAU Review: American Horror Story


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When it debuted in 2011, the FX series American Horror Story captured the imaginations of many as a new show unlike any other on TV.  I personally have wasted too much time procrastinating over essays by re-watching the early seasons on Netflix in the early hours.  Something I would highly recommend if you haven’t seen it, especially in the lead up to Halloween.  Since each season features a brand-new storyline and array of characters, mainly portrayed by the same star cast each year, the show has become somewhat lacklustre recently with the writers struggling to produce the same high level of terror as it did in the first two seasons of Murder House and Asylum.  Later seasons became much more provocative with crazier plot twists which made it lose some of its original charm.  So, when season six was announced completely shrouded in mystery I was intrigued and hopeful for a return to the storylines and characters which first made the show great.

After a massive build up, this season’s theme was revealed to be: My Roanoke Nightmare.  Yeah, me neither.  Inspired by the history of the lost colony of the Roanoke county, who disappeared without a trace, show creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have completely shaken up the format of the show once again by presenting the story through a show within a show.  Without giving away any important information about the plot, as there is nothing worse than television spoilers, I can say that the show follows a mockumentary set-up where the actors are involved in a re-enactment of horrifying events experienced by a young couple, in their new home which is completely isolated from all of society.  You can probably guess what happens next. 


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Now at the half way point of the season, I would say that My Roanoke Nightmare is definitely worth a watch, despite Kathy Bates questionable accent and the lack of screen time for fan favourite Evan Peters.  The latest episode featured a major plot twist which completely changed the path of the story so far, so they’re clearly working to keep the audience intrigued and excited for each week’s episode.  Although I would not describe the new season as particularly scary, which you’d expect from a show titled American Horror Story, it has been incredibly entertaining and in fact laugh out loud funny during some parts.  Show creators have promised further twists and the return of a few original show actors so here’s hoping the end of the season will bring the show back to basics and recapture what made it so popular in the first place.