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HCAU Profile: Miss Lois Mackenzie

HC Profile: Lois Mackenzie

Name: Lois Mackenzie

Year: 2nd

Degree: English Literature

Age: 20




This week HCAU’s writer Reebecca was lucky enough to interview a friend, Lois, and fellow Her Campus member, whom she met last year and since then their friendship has grown. It’s pretty rare these two even go a day without messaging each other. However, there’s still some things they don’t know about eacotehr and this HCAU Pofile is the perfect way to ask! Look out for Loi’s Profile on Rebecca next week!



HC: What about the future scares you?

LM: Everything- especially after watching Black Mirror, a lot.


HC: Oh I totally agree, that show freaks the hell out of me but it is addictive! So, I’m surprised I don’t already know this but do you have a favourite book that inspires you?

LM: Probably The Great Gatsby or The Beautiful and Damned, because F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favourite author and actually was one of the factors that encouraged me to do an English Degree.


HC: I can’t believe I didn’t know that! He’s one of my favourite authors too! Okay, now I know what this answer will be. But where would you travel if money wasn’t an issue and you could go in the next second?

LM: Big surprise here! Iceland without a doubt! Most amazing place I’ve ever been and 100% would go back in a heartbeat!




HC: Ok, now this is very relevant! Favourite meal (because food is always important)?

LM: Garlic Bread, what else?!


HC: Haha, of course! Finally, what is your favourite thing about Aberdeen?

LM: I love the campus, it’s so pretty even on rainy days! Aberdeen does kinda feel like home now which is pretty cool.

HC: And, don’t forget the fab HC chapter!

Well I hope you enjoyed the interview Lois, because we did and  HCAU found out some things we didn’t know about Lois!

All photos lois’ own

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