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HCAU Profile: Barbara Henderson

HCAU Profile: Barbara Henderson


This week our very own president decided to chat to her mum about all things knitting related! Let’s find out more about this handy hobby and about the wonderful cause Barbara has been involved in called “Knit for Peace”.

HCAU: How long have you been knitting for?

BH: Since I was a teenager, not constantly all these years of course! Haha


HCAU: How did you hear about the Syrian Jumpers?

BH: My sister-in-law, she was knitting jumpers for Syrian Children and she asked me if I wanted to help!


HCAU: What a wonderful cause! So where will the jumpers go?

BH: They are going to the Red Cross, who will deliver them. It is via my sister’s in law’s church, who are collecting them. The winters are very brutal out there so it is just to try and keep them warm. They will be delivered to a refugee camp on the Syrian/Jordan border. It is part of the ‘Knit for Peace’ programme.


HCAU: That is such a great idea! You have also knitted a variety of jumpers for your children, do you enjoy knitting for them?

BH: Yes! I find it therapeutic, until you make a mistake!


HCAU: How long did the Christmas Jumper take?

BH: Well… I stopped and started so I did take a few months. It was very intricate with all the parcels and the Christmas Tree



HCAU: Have you ever knitted anything other than jumpers?

BH: Mostly Jumpers but I have done baby blankets, scarves etc


HCAU: Do you find it difficult?

BH: Patterns vary and they can be more difficult

HCAU: Do you think knitting should be encouraged in younger people?

BH: Yes, I think it should be introduced into schools as an extra-curricular activity. It is a great skill to have!


Thanks Barbara! To find out more about Knit for Peace, take a look at their website at http://www.knitforpeace.org.uk.

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