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HCAU Profile: Aberdeen Photography Society

HCAU Profile: Aberdeen University Photography Society (AUPS)


Founded: Unknown. But the society has been active for over 5 years in a row now

Number of members: Over 40

Number of committee members: 6. President (Michela), Treasurer (Sam), Secretary (Jack), Events Coordinator (Lydia), Workshops Planner (Patrick) and a First Year Representative (Julia). 


HC: What types of events do you hold?

AUPS: Throughout the year we organize workshops, trips, socials, photo-walks and competitions. We also very often cover events for other societies around campus.
Sneak-peek: we will be hosting a photo-exhibition in February featuring our members’ best work (a can’t miss!).    


HC: What do the members mainly participate in?

AUPS: Workshops and photo-walks are – by far – our most popular activities.


HC: Do you have many beginners?

AUPS: Yes, more than half of our members are beginners. Best thing is though: everybody is always happy to share tips and tricks so we are always learning something new from each other.

HC: What tips do you have for someone wanting to be involved in photography?

AUPS: Give it a try. Photography is one of those things you learn by doing. We were all beginners at first. And remember: you do not need professional equipment to take great pictures!


HC: What would you say is the most popular style of photography for your members?

AUPS: We have many nature-lovers so landscape photography is definitely one of the most popular themes.

HC: What is the most important thing to take a good photo?

AUPS:  Shoot the moment, not the subject: Be spontaneous! Don’t forget though: light is key. 

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