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Alcohol Drinking Hands Party
Alcohol Drinking Hands Party
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HCAU Night Out Confessions

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

Just one drink, we said, it won’t be a late one, we said…

You wake up, the stench of stale booze hits you, your head hurts, your body hurts; you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus. You look for your phone and then nearly get blinded by the light of the screen: 5 missed calls, 57 WhatsApp messages, 17 Snapchats. Then you feel it creep up on you, the embarrassment and flashbacks come flooding back. It’s the fear

I think it’s fair to say we have all had at least one morning like this after a crazy night, right? Well HCAU are here to make you feel a bit better with some of our drunken night out confessions.

  • I got really drunk on a night out so decided to go home early so I wouldn’t get messy drunk… then woke up in a church covered in my own sick and curry sauce thinking I had passed into the afterlife


  • I got thrown out of a club because I apparently thought the best thing to add to my sexy dancing was a striptease


  • I once projectile vomited in a McDonald’s in front of a guy I had grafted the entire night, he still asked me to go home with him


  • It was at my first pub-crawl and only two bars in, my team leaders stopped me from drinking and took me to get food to sober me up. I apparently started a sing along with all the chippy workers, lost all my flatmates and kissed 4 different guys. My SISTER then found me and had to put me in a taxi home. When I got into my flat I proceeded to wake up all my flatmates by screaming and stripping. They then all had to physically carry my naked body into bed because I had passed out.


  • I used to flirt with guys so that they would buy me chips and curry sauce and walk me home just to have someone to chat to, yet abruptly say goodbye when we got to the door and make them leave

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  • I kissed a boy once and stole his Harry Potter, looking glasses. Guess he just finished the night not being able to see


  • I once went home with someone and we were teaching each other about the “birds and the bees” but I was so drunk that I passed out and all I can remember is being slapped awake


  • On my wildest night out, I came home without my t-shirt


  • I got kicked out of underground for too much aggressive dancing, the only catch was, I was sober

  • I am a really quiet person and in the first two weeks of first year, I kissed 4 different boys at Institute, they were all my friends too which made it worse. I had never done anything like it before and have never done anything like it since


  • At a Christmas party, my forever hungry best friend and I stole the turkey and all you could see out the windows was us stumbling across the car park trying to do James Bond style tricks and rolls whilst holding the turkey “my precious” style
Jade Kay

Aberdeen '20

Philosophy student at Aberdeen with an interest in entertainment reviews, tips, tricks, make-up and positivity.