HCAU New Semester Resolutions

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Everyone makes New Year Resolutions but this year at HCAU we are focusing on New Semester Resolutions. Let’s have a look at some of the resolutions our members have set for themselves for the new semester at Uni:



I'm going to (try) force myself to actually attend lectures, even if it's raining in the morning and I'd rather stay in bed. Also, my biggest goal this semester is to finally figure out how do I actually learn and what study technique(s) are the best for me. (Tips are greatly appreciated!)



I’m going to make sure I actually prepare for tutorials so that I have things to contribute in class that aren’t really dumb. I’m also going to try & follow through with the articles I pitch for Her Campus since last year I only managed to do 2…



Mine is the same I have at the start of every semester and that is to actually stay on top of the readings!! 6th time's the charm?



I’m going to (not want to GOING to, I will force myself to) take notes before/after/during my lectures, stay on top of my workload and have my essays etc submitted before 11:57 pm the night it’s due! Ooh, also try out more healthy meals (I started tonight, it tasted BRILLIANT) and try out some of the gym classes even though I’m terrified.



I'm going to start taking my own coffee to uni so I'm not spending all my student loan on coffees and cookies!


Hopefully, our girls will be able to stick to their resolutions! Do you have any new semester resolutions, or have you already broken yours?